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These four product is best thin the blood

Эти четыре продукта лучше всего разжижают кровьTo use these products without fear for their health.

Increased clotting of blood, when it becomes too thick, can trigger the development of cardiovascular diseases. In this case, the blood thickens even more, creating in the arteries of blockages, in the end, the person automatically gets to group of risk of strokes, heart attacks, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, hypertension, vascular dystonia, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and so on.

Why dilute the blood?

Due to the fact that the blood is more fluid, will increase blood circulation and oxygen and all the nutrients will go to the internal organs in full, what happens when it is thick.

In addition, the thinning of the blood is a proven and effective method of preventing all these ailments.

How to thin the blood?

There are many popular ways to thin the blood, however, as drugs with similar properties. But as tablets – a solid chemistry, and to get involved with traditional medicine doctors do not advise to come to the aid of available food, which have identical ability to thin the blood.

Four products for thinning the blood:

Lemon has no contraindications, so it can eat even children. In addition to the reduction of blood clotting, lemons possess a range of useful properties.

Cranberry greatly reduces the viscosity of blood, and regardless of the form in which it is used.

Garlic has powerful krivorozhsk property, just one clove a day is enough to reduce blood clotting.

Ginger is enriched with antioxidants and lipids, clearing blood vessels and blood, and also have a positive influence on its composition.

All these products are in every fridge and they are not so expensive that it could afford to refuse their use.

Even daily consumption of these four products in no way harm your health, but rather protect you from many ills and heal the body from within.

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