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These foods you need to eat every day in the winter

Эти продукты необходимо есть зимой ежедневноLearn which vegetables and fruits have to be in your diet in winter.

With the arrival of cold weather, the body needs additional support in the form of useful minerals and glucose.

These vegetables and fruits will strengthen your immune system and will help to survive the winter without health problems.

Tangerines, oranges, grapefruits and lemons not only takes care of your immunity, but also saturate the body with valuable nutrients. In addition, it is known that the fruits are orange in color are rich in vitamin A, which is necessary for healthy vision and skin. Moreover, citrus fruits contain minimum amount calories, and this means that you can eat fruits even those who are watching their figure.

These little berries called the “Northern lemon”. And all thanks to the cranberry vitamin C and citric and quinic acids. Experts call cranberries are one of the most useful natural antibiotics, so it is so important to include in your winter diet. Regular use of cranberry will help prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels, improves memory, and positively influences the nervous system.

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A favorite treat of rabbits also refers to the products that you need to eat in the cold. Carrots contains carotene a substance that the body converts into vitamin A. in Addition, the vegetable is famous for its high content of vitamins C, E, K and PP, which we desperately needed in the cold season.

Nutritionists call leek one of the most useful products for the winter diet. The use of this gift of nature will help to cope with beriberi, nervousness and physical exhaustion. And thanks to contained in the product iron can improve hemoglobin level in blood.

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Nutritionists say that bananas not only increase the effectiveness of prevention of influenza, but also speed up the recovery from colds. In addition, the fruits improve your mood as saturate the body with vitamin B6, which helps produce endorphins. Benefits of bananas for winter food is also in their nutritional properties. Eating just one fruit can for a few hours to forget about hunger.

With a bad mood and viruses in the winter, experts advise to fight with cabbage. It is rich in vitamins C and b, potassium, calcium and folic acid. It is proved that the vegetable stimulates the metabolic processes in the body and also has anti-inflammatory effect.

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