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These foods you can’t eat on an empty stomach

Эти продукты нельзя есть на голодный желудокTake care of your health.

I think that for Breakfast you can eat anything? Nutritionists categorically prohibit the use of these products on an empty stomach and here’s why.

Fresh orange juice, croissants, coffee and yogurt – what could be better than this Breakfast? Unfortunately, few people know that there are foods that doctors recommend to consume on an empty stomach.

1. Pastry

Despite the fact that all the calories that we use up to 12 hours is not “late” on our waists, candy still can’t eat on an empty stomach. Sugar increases insulin production, which greatly overloads the pancreas, which had not even had time to “Wake up”. Regular consumption of sweets on an empty stomach can lead to diabetes mellitus.

2. Muffin

Butter cakes never considered useful, and for Breakfast. Yeast irritate the delicate walls of the stomach and cause bloating.

3. Dairy products

Yes, the yogurt is not as useful as believed. With the use of yogurt and other fermented milk products on an empty stomach, the hydrochloric acid will neutralize all the beneficial lactic bacteria, so your morning yogurt did nothing.

4. Green vegetables

Raw vegetables with green rind on an empty stomach can cause heartburn, bloating and stomach discomfort. Acid contained in these vegetables irritate the stomach wall and do not allow him to properly digest food.

5. Raw tomatoes

The benefits of tomatoes for the figure is undeniable, however, nutritionists advise to consume this berry on an empty stomach. Tomatoes are rich in tannic acid which increases the acidity of gastric juice, which can cause gastritis and ulcers.

6. Bananas

Bananas are rich in magnesium, but that’s why you can’t eat them on an empty stomach. Magnesium is absorbed too quickly an empty stomach, which increases the load on the heart.

7. Citrus

Citrus fruits contain a lot of fruit acids and with a “full” stomach, they are very helpful. Getting in an empty stomach, fruit acids cause heartburn and can also cause gastritis and ulcers.

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