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These foods help sleep better

Эти продукты помогают лучше спать9 foods that increase melatonin levels, which contribute to healthy sleep

Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally secreted by our body and whose functions are crucial to our physical and mental well-being. It is closely linked to control of circadian rhythms — our biological clock, and thus helps us to sleep better.

In addition, a substance involved in neuroendocrine, neurophysiological, and immune processes that are necessary to perform many vital tasks in the body.

However, its production occurs only at night and if something prevents this, the person experiences difficulties with sleep and a good rest.

Therefore, to better sleep, you should consider other sources of its obtaining, for example, through certain foods that contain substances that contribute to the development of this hormone in sufficient quantity.

The experts told in detail about the 9 best foods that increase the level of melatonin that you added them to your diet if you have problems with sleep.

1. The onion will help to sleep better

Onion — this vegetable is rich in essential nutrients that promote the production of melatonin.

It contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help in the regulation of circadian rhythms.

Regular consumption of onions helps to eliminate toxins from the body and also reduces swelling and helps fight fluid retention.

2. Asparagus

Asparagus is recommended as a natural remedy for insomnia because it contains amino acids such as tryptophan.

This substance helps to increase the secretion of melatonin during the night and, therefore, is key to improving the quality of sleep.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that asparagus is also a source of vitamin C, folic acid and other substances necessary to strengthen our immunity.

In addition, due to the fiber content of fiber, these green shoots improve intestinal motility and prevents constipation.

3. Bananas

Eat a banana before bed is one of stareishii agents for the treatment of insomnia.

This fruit contains melatonin, that is a substance that “sets” of our body a good night’s sleep.

It is also a source of tryptophan and essential minerals, which, moreover, help prevent night muscle cramps.

4. Cherry

Cherry is also one of the products recommended to improve sleep quality.

It provides us with vitamins a, C and E, antioxidant effects which reduce the negative effects of oxidative stress.

Cherries are a natural source of melatonin, and also contain minerals that promote muscle relaxation.

5. Walnuts

Walnuts and other nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, this kind of beneficial fat that fights inflammation, bad cholesterol and other problems associated with cardiovascular health.

They also contain small amounts of melatonin and amino acids, which together improves the quality of our sleep.

However, we should not forget that nuts are extremely high-calorie food, so eat them in reasonable quantities.

6. Ginger

Ginger root is a spice known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Therefore, this root is ideal to minimize the negative effect of free radicals.

Its natural oils including gingerol, protect cells from toxins and harmful substances to the environment.

In addition, its consumption increases the amount of melatonin and acting as a calming agent, helps to fight insomnia.

7. Brown rice

Brown rice is a source of carbohydrates and natural fiber, which helps to accelerate metabolism and speed up weight loss if you are on a diet.

This food represents an important source of vitamins B-complex, is perfect for protecting muscles, cardiovascular system and brain.

Eating brown rice, especially for lunch and dinner, and can compensate for a deficiency of melatonin in the diet and thus helps to sleep better.

8. Oats

Oats contain all sorts of nutrients that benefit our body.

This is one of the most useful grain, it provides us with tryptophan and amino acids that helps to stimulate melatonin production.

Among the advantages also worth noting the following:

Helps to improve digestion.
Protects the cardiovascular system.
Helps to control anxiety.
Improves the functioning of the Central nervous system.
Helps to maintain a healthy weight.

9. Pineapple

Pineapple contains the enzymes and minerals that help to regulate circadian rhythms for optimal and restful sleep.

This fruit is recommended for improving digestion and it also contributes to balance the level of serotonin and melatonin, substances involved in the relaxation of the body for a good sleep.

These products are present in your diet? Now that you know how useful they are in order to sleep well you should eat them more often.

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