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These foods contain too much salt

Эти продукты содержат слишком много солиSalt in large quantities is bad for health.

Scientists warn, love for salty foods may have a negative impact on health. It is believed that excess salt harms the cardiovascular system: sodium chloride raises blood pressure, blood vessels and heart are beginning to be too much to overwork and wear out prematurely.

Experts also believe that eating large amounts of salt and a sedentary lifestyle are negatively affecting brain health in old age. So we’ve put together a list of products which should be careful. All figures in the calculation of the salt content in 100 g of product.

Mixed nuts

Manufacturers of nut is often put in the salt to enhance the flavor and increase shelf life. As a result, the sodium content in 100 g of nuts can reach 12% of the daily value.

Rye bread

It contains large amount of soda, which is 27% of the sodium. In 100 g rye bread is 19% of the daily value of this nutrient.


In sauerkraut and other homemade pickles, quite a lot of salt – almost 0.7 g And that 29% of the daily value.

Corn flakes

The usual us Breakfast cereals contain a lot of sodium – 0,72 g (32% of daily value).


In 100 g of canned olives or olives even more sodium than the cereal – 0,74–1.5 g (34% of the recommended norms).


Eating only 2 sausages can provide almost half the daily requirement of salt (38%).


The sodium content in 100 g mustard reaches 1.1 g (which is as much as 49% of the daily value). But if you’re not used to eating mustard tablespoons, you have no cause for concern.

Some types of cheese

In the Roquefort and the cheese contains 1.8 g of salt in cheese Gouda – 0.8 g, processed cheese -1,2 g (78% of the daily value).

Soy sauce

Soy sauce is so high in sodium (5,5-6 g), they can be easily replaced ordinary salt (240% of the daily value in 100g).


In 100 g of roasted seeds can be up to 6 g of sodium (260 % of the recommended norms).

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