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These foods cause serious dependence

Эти продукты вызывают серьезную зависимостьCalled harmful products drugs.

Each of us have foods that we cannot refuse, and which beckons us again and again. And scientists have learned to rationally explain why this food is so attractive to us and why we think it is so delicious.

And the producers skillfully use this knowledge and create products that we just can’t remain indifferent.

Soda loved by both adults and children. Many openly admit to being addicted to this drink and consume it several times a day in large portions. In addition to caffeine, which affects the popularity of carbonated drinks, some beverages use brominated vegetable oil. We have banned this additive, but in the US still struggle with it.

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Processed meat
The taste of delicious bacon, so beloved by us in various interpretations, is achieved by the addition of nitrites, which could not be regarded as useful. This preservative helps to prolong the shelf life of meat products, sausages, frankfurters and gives products a richer and more appealing taste and smell. Minus nitrites that combined with other substances they can form carcinogens.

You can, of course, to create meat products without nitrites, but the participants in this experiments complained of pale color and mild flavor of the meat.

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Salty and fried snacks
The chips and fries we are attracted by not only the salt and spices, but crispy crackling, which meanwhile is very harmful for our body.

Another trap that we fall, buying delicious crispy chips, is a starch. It is absorbed faster than sugar, that is why we can’t stop eating more and more chips in one sitting.

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