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These foods can cause body odor

Эти продукты могут стать причиной неприятного запаха телаThey should be used with caution.

Body odour is called by the joint action of the sweat glands of the skin and the volatile compounds that are generated in the process of digestion, and bacterial activity.

This process usually is a result of hormonal problems and disorders of metabolism, but can also be caused by certain diseases or prescribed medicines.

Although many people believe that sweat is the main cause of bad breath, it is obvious that it is also affected by micro-organisms, dirt and chemical compounds found in some foods, often present in our diet.

The latter also cause excess acidity in the body, leading to imbalance of pH. Because of this, our body becomes difficult to eliminate the toxins there is a bad smell.

In addition, some of these products contain the active volatile substances which are excreted with sweat or through your breath.
1. Garlic

Some people prefer not to avoid eating garlic because of its strong smell. Because after garlic bad breath persists for several hours.

But in addition, volatile sulfur compounds, which contains garlic affect the smell of sweat. This substance is absorbed into the blood and lungs in the process of digestion, causing and an unpleasant smell of breath and sweat.

2. Refined sugar

Chewing gum and all kinds of products from refined sugars cause disturbances in the acidity of the body, change its temperature and cause bad smell.

The bacteria feed on sugar and because of their excessive growth, accelerate the processes of fermentation and the smell is becoming stronger.

3. Spices

Spices like curry and cumin, as a rule, cause bad breath and unpleasant smell of leather, because in the process of digestion stand out sulphurous gases, which are then excreted through the pores.

The majority of them is properly digested, but some of them remain in the bloodstream and then, some time later, stand out.

4. Hydrogenated oil

Hydrogenated oils are used in the industry of “fast food”, for cooking fried food, fried foods and confectionery.

They are not only the main cause of excess weight, but also to blame for the odor.

Apparently, this fat prevents the digestion and form harmful combination with other products, which are processed in the intestine.

5. Sausages

Pate, sausages, bacon and all kinds of smoked meat products increase the acidity in the stomach and cause gases.

Their decay in the process of digestion is slow and due to fat content and chemical substances, they alter metabolic functions that help to remove toxins.

6. Red meat

Proteins contained in red meat is harder to digest in the intestines, and often stagnate there for a few days. Therefore, there is a high risk of decomposition, which causes bad body odor.

People who consume red meat less than twice a week, can lower perspiration with a strong odor, compared to those who eat it daily.

In addition, reducing the amount in your diet, you will prevent flatulence, bloating and constipation.

7. Asparagus

Despite the fact that it is a very useful product, asparagus can cause a strong odor and the acidity of the urine due to the characteristics of natural assimilation by the body.

This effect only occurs in some people as in accordance with genetic differences, bad smell is manifested to a greater or lesser extent.

8. Alcoholic beverages

People who consume excessive amounts of alcohol, are more unpleasant odor of skin and breath. Our body considers alcohol a toxin, and, therefore, the liver is responsible for processing and output.

Alcohol 90% transformirovalsya in acetic acid, non-toxic substance that is removed along with the fluids and salts from the body.

The 10% that remain in the bloodstream, are excreted through the lungs by breathing or through the skin with sweat, causing bad smell.

9. Bow

Bacteria break down sulfur-containing amino acids contained in the onion, generating malodorous volatile substances such as hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan and dimethyl sulfide.

These sulfur compounds are released into the bloodstream and reach the mouth, stomach, intestine and liver. They also fall into the alveoli of the lungs and, if accumulated in large amounts, cause a strong smell in the breath.

Thus, if, despite good oral hygiene and good health you notice yourself body odour, it is likely that the reason is hidden in certain foods that contribute to this.

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