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These foods calm the nervous system better than tablets

Эти продукты успокаивают нервную систему лучше таблеток Doctors told what foods should be included in the diet for people with unstable nervous system.

Shattered nerves, as they call the depressed person and his excessive irascibility, are influenced by stress and a lack of certain components.

Take care of your nervous system should be well before you see serious problems, ranging from nervous TIC and ending with heart attacks. Doctors recommend to Supplement the diet with b vitamins and magnesium.

What foods contain beneficial for the nervous system ingredients:

– hemp and poppy seed oil;

– legumes: beans, lentils, peas;

– fenugreek seeds;

Chia seeds;

oats, buckwheat and rice porridge;

– nuts;

– bananas;

– seaweed;

– the yolks of eggs;

– beef liver;

– tuna;

– apples and plums;


All these products contain the maximum amount of magnesium and b vitamins, so they need to eat both children and adults.

When magnesium and b vitamins don’t help?

It turns out, not so easy to replenish the supply of these substances in the body. If the liver is not functioning properly, like the intestine, the magnesium and the b vitamins will not be absorbed. Therefore, in order to help your nervous system not to lose the healthy cells, doctors recommend to get the metabolism and clean the liver, then you can start to consume foods rich in essential nutrients.

Of course, in addition to inclusion in the diet of foods with magnesium and b vitamins, should learn to calm down and forget everything that has happened was in the past. The nervous system will be grateful.

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