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These folk remedies will surely save you from coughing

Эти народные средства наверняка спасут вас от кашля The main thing in time to begin treatment.

Cough drops relieve the unpleasant symptoms only for a short time, and powerful drugs to prescribe the doctor can. If you visit the clinic you do not want to cure a cough will help effective and safe traditional medicines.

Cough is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of colds, especially in the early days, when it is dry and throat is literally tearing from the pain. To get rid of this symptom will help all known, proven tool for centuries -the warm milk with honey.

“A very effective remedy for cough – mixture of black radish. Cut from a tuber pith, put a spoonful of honey and drink the resulting liquid as often as possible. As necessary, add the honey.

Also, during influenza and SARS are very helpful, especially for children, baked apples with honey. This is a very strong cough recipe, which significantly accelerates recovery. The fact is that in apples, especially in sour-sweet varieties, a lot of anti-inflammatory salicylic acid.

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An effective remedy for cough is also a decoction of Apple skin – it has a lot of the same acid, plus vitamin C, valuable minerals and enzymes,” says the doctor.

To deal with a runny nose folk medicine offers steam and washing. In the first embodiment, patients are recommended inhalation – not over a saucepan with boiled potatoes in their jackets, as did our grandmothers, and preferably over a basin of warm water with added essential oils. Great effect and herbal inhalation perform all the same just on a hot infusion of mint or chamomile.

“With a cold help of salt and herbal washing. You can also make easy homemade drops, which relieve the main symptoms and discomfort. 4-5 times a day bury the nose a few drops of menthol oil or the juice of Kalanchoe.

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Sore throat reduces the rinse decoction of chamomile. Drink more herbal teas – lemon balm, mint, chamomile, ginseng, propolis.
Have you noticed that we don’t need a child to get sick, like a caring grandmother immediately rush to the kitchen to cook chicken soup. This is not a simple concern and desire to feed, and effective assistance of the sick.

The correctness of all the grandmothers proved by scientists – they found that in chicken cartilage and bone are special proteins that do quickly reduce inflammation and prevent the unpleasant symptom and burning.

But soups based on beef and pork during a cold is not recommended – on the contrary, they can increase inflammation, not to mention the fact that the stomach is quite a heavy food” – warned the doctor.

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