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These folk remedies for colds are recognized even by doctors

Эти народные средства от простуды признают даже медикиCold winter – business as usual, and few people from the first signs go to the doctor.

Instead, the majority tries to recover at home folk methods used by older generations. We have selected for you some of the most effective national recommendations that will speed up the recovery and against which I have nothing against modern doctors.

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Vitamin C or askorbinka stimulates the adrenal glands, in particular, on the production of the hormone interferon, enhances the immune system. Therefore, all citrus fruits actually help to protect against influenza and other ARVI. Much of the vitamin found in berries (raspberries, currants, strawberries and cherries), which you will certainly find in the freezer, as well as oranges, lemons, tangerines and other citrus fruits.
Rinse the nose with salt solution

Sodium solution helps to dissolve mucus and clear nasal passages. Also salt helps to cope with viruses and bacteria and strengthen local immunity. However, we should not steep solution (maximum, half a teaspoon of sea salt per Cup of warm water), or have the opposite effect – irritation of the mucosa and its swelling that will lead to more nasal congestion. Rinse the nose at least three times a day to the cold left you faster.

Eat chicken-mushroom soup

Chicken helps to strengthen the immune system thanks to highly digestible protein, the value of which is only maintained when cooked. Mushrooms are powerful immune modulators and sorbents, allowing you to quickly rid the body of toxins viruses and bacteria. Moreover, mushroom is also an herbal source of vitamin D effective against influenza virus. Therefore, lunch of chicken-mushroom soup will help you to quickly get to his feet and back in operation.

The cough will save the mulled wine

When the cough and sore throat drink hot mulled wine. While drinking hot wine increases blood flow to the back of the throat (due to temperature and burning components of wine), whereby the output of phlegm accelerating. This method should be applied once a day before sleep (200 ml wine, better with the addition of lemon peels and spices). Preparing a drink, make sure that the wine is boiled – so evaporate the ethanol enhances the toxic effects of viruses and bacteria.

Don’t forget the mustard

The method that you is probably familiar from childhood, helps to cure cough due to heating of the respiratory tract and accelerate the excretion of sputum. But put mustard only in the absence of temperature (to 37 degrees), and under the condition of “wet” or dry cough, but no wheezing. In the presence of elevated body temperature the liver contribute to the occurrence of dengue and “omission” of phlegm in the lungs.

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Poparte feet

Remember how after walking in cold and wet weather mother or grandmother made you to soar feet in hot water? And rightly so, because the heat treatments for the lower extremities to help prevent and get rid of the cough and runny nose due to reflex connections. During the procedure, expands blood vessels and improves the flow of blood, relieving swelling of the mucous membranes and accelerates the excretion of mucus and phlegm. But again – in the absence of temperature.
Drink warm milk with butter and soda with pain in the throat

Milky oil cocktail helps to relieve inflammation of the posterior pharyngeal wall, helping to get rid from sore throat. Due to the temperature of milk increases blood flow, oil coats and moisturizes mucous membranes of the throat, and soda liquefies thick secretions and contributes to its development. After this drink an hour is not worth it to drink and eat, so it’s best to take it before bed.

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