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These five quick ways to help you Wake up refreshed in the morning

Эти пять быстрых способов помогут вам взбодриться по утрамExperts have suggested that will help to cheer up on a cloudy autumn morning.

In the fall every day the weather is becoming more severe. Cloudy or rainy autumn morning is an occasion for the human body to feel sleepy and fatigued. Almost everyone is now hard to Wake up and get out of bed, especially for those who have not yet turned on the heating and heated blankets do not want to get out.

What if in the morning you need to get up early and get ready for work, and the window the autumn and sleepy as ever?

Brew green tea. Green tea contains caffeine, but it is more useful than the one in natural coffee or energy drinks. Plus, green tea is good for digestion and in the morning it helps to Wake up more and your intestines.

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Take charge. Exercise disperse the blood and enrich it with oxygen, give birth peristalsis and served in a brain the signal that it is time to Wake up. You can do exercises on the balcony, because of the morning coolness of autumn has been no less effective an invigorating effect.

Prepare a “spicy” Breakfast. Nutritionists say that spices increase the level of hormones responsible for alertness. Especially effective in this case pepper and cinnamon.

Eat in the morning, the particular vitamins. It turns out that the b vitamins and vitamin C is able to cheer up even the most sleepy person. A large concentration of vitamin C in cabbage and citrus, and the group is In milk, cereals, and whole wheat bread.

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Use oil of lemon or grapefruit. The fragrance of these essential oils invigorates not worse than coffee. Moisten a cotton pad with a few drops of essential oil and put it beside him on the desktop.

Use all methods at the same time and then the energy will fill your body and allow you to feel a burst of energy that will not leave you until the evening.

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