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These factors can trigger a migraine attack

Эти факторы могут спровоцировать приступ мигрениNot only the weather changes and magnetic storms provoke headache.

Migraine is one of the most uncomfortable symptoms with the main symptom in the form of headaches, which often defies relief with tablets. People who suffer from constant migraine attacks, doctors advise to pay attention to their health and still try to figure out the cause, contributing to the fact that the head starts to hurt sharply.

Doctors have called for the full list of provokers of migraine:

1. Food. Strange as it may sound, but certain foods can trigger a headache. These include: hard aged cheese, nuts, chocolate and sweets, citrus fruits, onion, pickles, dried fish, sausages, sausages.

2. Drinks. Caffeinated drinks and alcohol can easily lead to a migraine attack. Often suffer from headaches, those who abuse these drinks.

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3. Problems with mental health. The most commonly accompany migraine patients with depression, neuroses, psychoses and other diseases.

4. Pills. The use of prescription drugs that have side effects such as migraines, sooner or later can play with the man a malicious joke.

5. Menopause and menstruation. The surge of hormones that occurs during the premenstrual and menstrual cycle and during menopause could easily cause a headache.

6. Environment. The weather changes, magnetic storms, noise, unpleasant odors, bad ecology – all these phenomena can be attributed to the instigators of the development of migraine, and the chronic form.

7. Hunger. Perhaps you have noticed that when hunger overcomes several hours, then a headache. So doctors recommend time to eat.

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8. Chronic lack of sleep. If a person sleeps less than 7 hours per day, in the near future he will have health problems in General, and migraine is one of these problems.

9. Work at the computer. Continuous brain strain and eye provokes a lack of oxygen in the blood, so it is not surprising that office workers often complain of migraine attacks.

10. Dehydration of the body. Deficit of body fluids leads to dehydration, which primarily may occur in the form of migraine. It is therefore very important to drink sufficient amount of plain water to avoid dehydration and headaches.

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