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These events can predict only animals

Эти события могут предсказать только животныеThat animals have a presentiment of the danger, known to many.

And that’s how they do it, I know zoologists and zoopsychologists.

Interestingly, these two categories of specialists are a little different to explain the presence of such fine sensitivity in different animals. With both options two sides of the same phenomenon.

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Different animals foresee natural disasters and even bad events that may happen to their owners, due to the extremely highly developed instinct of self-preservation. We humans also call it intuition. Actually, intuition is not some “higher enlightenment”, but only the instant reaction of the brain on a subtle background that went unnoticed preoccupied our current day problems of consciousness.

Animals and insects do not possess such extensive mental activity that belongs to men, so responsive to the natural “unconscious” processes easier. They literally live by their instincts, so read the signs of nature like an open book. People over millions of years of evolution have lost this ability and have uploaded your brain a huge amount is not needed for survival information.

Payback for the activity in the brain was also the loss of such useful skills as keen eyesight, sensitive hearing, sensitive smell, and other important things totally natural to the animal world. So now, when we sometimes triggers inherent in all living beings Intuition, we perceive it as a miracle. This “miracle” brothers our smaller use every day.

Who that feels

Animals are equipped with special “tools” of intuition. All the beasts, which nature gave a great gift of echolocation, great catch even the slightest tremors of the earth’s rocks, occurring in the vast depths. Thanks to this “natural sonar” — dolphins, bats, shrews, seals and some species of birds unerringly know about the approach of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

When you are at risk, all animals experience panic and try to escape. Sometimes their attempts to flee the scene of the disaster may seem to outside observers to be inadequate. So, shortly before the earthquake in New Zealand (22 February 2011) on the shore of the island Stewart jumped a flock of hundreds of dolphins. Only a few days human technology was able to detect the tremors, and then earthquake.

The oldest historical documents of the middle Kingdom recorded a similar case that occurred in the distant 1556. In January, the inhabitants of the Central parts of China have seen strange natural phenomenon: thousands of snakes started to crawl on the ground, despite the winter chill and laying a thick layer of snow.

Know the signs of the Chinese have realized that they will have a big disaster. A month later happened one of the worst earthquakes in the history of civilization. The disaster has killed more than 820 thousand people. Unfortunately, in those days there were no technical possibilities to respond adequately to the prediction of the nature and to save so many lives.

Earthquakes, hurricanes and storms I feel almost all the animals, including lions, horses, antelopes, and even pachyderms elephants and hippos. Domestic cats, dogs and aquarium fish start to panic at the slightest tremors of the earth or changes in atmospheric pressure. And all thanks to a well developed natural instincts.

Similarly, many forest animals — ROE deer, hares, squirrels, birds feel the temperature rise even a few degrees, sensing the approach of a forest fire, trying to escape.

Many animals have a presentiment not only natural disasters, but also the troubles that can happen with people themselves. Especially sensitive to this Pets, for many years accustomed to the owners. Cats are their natural “sensors” — the whiskers, the surface of the skin, a sensitive nose — great catch, when in the human body occur bad changes. They easily know when a person is sick, and even anticipate his impending death. Many animals also feel the approaching man-made disasters.

So in 2011, shortly before the explosion at the Fukushima people observed a strange behavior of animals. Just half an hour before the explosion near the station yard dog howled and rolled back, kicking up dust. Seeing “disorder”, the guard drove the maddened beast, which felt terrible omens, but couldn’t do nothing else to warn people. After 0.5 hours came the massive explosion and everyone in the neighborhood was poisoned by radiation.

Similarly, the dog, is strongly tied to its owner, begins to feel his body almost like your. If a person faces danger or death, a four-legged friend will begin to worry and grieve over the coming separation. The people themselves do not perceive many of the processes occurring in their body and the environment, and not have such protective mechanisms.

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