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These errors can reduce the effect of the diet up to scratch

Эти ошибки могут снизить эффект диеты до нуля Diet is the testing for the body.

Of course, to prepare for the diet is quite difficult. Just come to terms with the idea that soon you will not be able to eat a favorite cake, or refuse a hearty and delicious Burger is already a big challenge. But you also need to know a little about the diet and about the mistakes we often make. After all, you don’t want this test passed in vain. So we decided to tell you what mistakes most often made during the diet.

Exception of some products

This is a very bad idea. Especially if you are going to give up dairy or gluten products for weight loss. Abstinence from them can only lead to the fact that you want them even more, and you just fall through. Therefore, it is possible, but a little.

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Diet is not a hunger strike. Not to be confused. As a minimum, because it will lead to health problems. Therefore try to eat at your leisure, but looking at the number of calories that you consume.

All at once

This applies not only to the result. But the process of transition to a new diet. It would be difficult to refuse to itself in everything, not only is it inhumane to your body, but will not lead to a good result. Try to do things gradually, this will help you get used to the idea that something is impossible, and diet can last longer, and the result will be much better.

Lack of sleep

Here the principle is very simple. Little sleep and lots to eat. Why do we need a lot to eat during a diet? Of course, you can not argue that at this time you need to play sports, to go to the gym or in the pool. It takes time, which earlier we could have paid to sleep. But you need to reduce the amount of sleep to fit everything in.

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Exercise for yourself

No need to force yourself to do something that can not stand. Running otherwise? Don’t run and ride a bike. If we are talking about sports, then you need to choose those exercises that will bring not only the result but also fun.

Otherwise your sport will end very quickly.

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