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These drinks will help to reduce the pressure

Эти напитки помогут снизить давлениеHibiscus tea is recommended to drink at problems with high blood pressure

Scientific experts have compiled a list of drinks that will be very useful for people with hypertension. According to experts, their regular consumption helps to lower blood pressure, which was confirmed by many experiments.

The pineapple juice. This drink is rich in potassium and also contains ascorbic acid. Its action on the vessels is comparable to the effect of aspirin, pineapple juice relaxes blood vessels and helps to prevent the formation of blood clots. Drink indications for use to patients with disorders such as atherosclerosis, stroke and high blood pressure. The specialists say that useful only freshly prepared pineapple juice.

The beet juice. Drink of the beet is very useful for vessels and heart, its use stimulates muscular blood flow, which improves the condition of not only skeletal muscle but also the cardiac system. The composition of beets included a nitric acid salt. Once in the body, this substance is converted into nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure.

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Tea hibiscus tea. This drink is recommended to drink at problems with high blood pressure, so its flowers contain special substances anthocyanins, which help improve the condition of the walls of blood vessels. In hibiscus is high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and also contains fatty organic acids that dissolve the fat and thus prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques.

Green tea. According to the U.S. website for health WebMD, green tea is a simple, but effective in helping to reduce high blood pressure. Daily consumption of one to two cups of green tea or tea “Oolong tea” lowers the risk of developing high blood pressure by almost 50%, experts say.

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Water. Clean drinking water is available and effective means, which helps to fight hypertension. Its use is necessary because water helps digestion, absorption of nutrients and active blood flow throughout the body. At low water the blood vessels constrict as the body tries to retain fluid, narrowing of blood vessels raises strain on the heart, resulting in rises in blood pressure. If the stomach allows, to water you can add lemon juice.

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