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These drinks will help to keep the teeth white

Эти напитки помогут сохранить зубы белоснежнымиHow to maintain pearly white teeth for those who like red wine and coffee.

Dentists gave valuable tips on how to maintain the pearly white teeth of people who love to drink coffee and red wine. These drinks are harmful to tooth enamel, but their effects can be counteracted.

Dark colored beverages like coffee, tea, red wine and soda can penetrate into the cracks on the surface of teeth, causing a permanent dark and yellow spots. But there are a few simple rules that allow you to keep pearly white teeth for people who prefer these drinks.

And this does not necessarily seek treatments professional teeth whitening. Dentists from new York said that this kind of rules. First and foremost, people need to drink beverages through a straw, which can significantly reduce the amount of liquid that falls directly on the teeth.

You should also regularly use dental floss. What specific bacterial film that covers the tooth enamel, causing tooth discoloration. The rejection of the use of dental floss causes bacteria to build up between teeth even in the case if you regularly use the toothbrush.

The bristles of this brush are just not able to clean the spaces between the teeth. If you don’t like dental floss for one reason or another, it is necessary to flush this space with water using a special device called Waterpik, which can be purchased in almost any pharmacy.

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