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These diseases can “pick up” in public transport

Эти заболевания можно "подцепить" в общественном транспортеIt turns out that travel by bus, trolleybus, tram and metro can result in a serious health problem.

According to statistics, the doctors, the people moving on their own two feet or a personal car, much rarer than all the others who have to use public transport. The fact is that public transport is a place where many people pass each other their “sores” airborne and not only.

What kind of infection you can pick up in transport?

In autumn and winter the most common diseases that can be transmitted during a trip to the city – acute respiratory viral infection and flu. This also can be attributed to tuberculosis.

Lice or pediculosis. To the downtrodden bus with someone else’s head on your easy to fall lice and begin to multiply there. The only method of protection is wearing a hat, scarf, completely covering your hair.

Warts. Infection papillomatosis, causing a rash of warts on the fingers and the surface of the palms, contact can occur by, for example, through rail transport, for which somebody is already held and was a carrier of the infection.

Scabies. Infections cessationism mite in urban transport are rare, but occur because transmission occurs by contact.

In order not to fear any “contagion” in public transport should comply with trivial rules of personal hygiene (washing hands and handling them with antiseptics before and after the trip) and to use available methods of protection against viruses and pathogenic bacteria – respiratory mask, disposable gloves, and so on.

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