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These delicacies can kill. Photo

Эти деликатесы могут убить. ФотоExotic dishes that can be dangerous.

We present you the list of the most dangerous food in the world, consumed by people.

Эти деликатесы могут убить. Фото

Wine gull
Who said that wine making necessary fruits, berries or, in extreme cases, vegetables? The Inuit — Eskimos originally from Canada, very well. It is only necessary to catch a Cup of tea and drowned in a barrel of water. After a few days, during which the drink is brewed in the sun, wine of the gulls ready to eat. Those whose stomach can handle that disgusting taste and quickly intoxicating drink, in the morning for an unpleasant surprise: the hangover from it is horrible.

Эти деликатесы могут убить. Фото

Say, terribly tasty fish. Nothing but the popularity of a dangerous product is simply impossible to explain. Fugu is served necessarily raw. Cook admitted to making risky food, and should be required to pass the certified courses. The training lasts not less than one year. The inside of the fish contain a deadly poison, tetrodotoxin is 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide. A skilled chef must prepare fugu so that Gurman felt on the tongue a slight tingling sensation (the remains of the poison), and, at the same time, didn’t have to worry about the possible failure of its nervous system.

Эти деликатесы могут убить. Фото

Actually, sannakji the Hwa — just the name of the Korean dishes. To try it is recommended only to the most desperate European experimenters. Gourmet on a wide dish is served seasoned with sesame oil, the live octopus. Well as a living — just cut into small pieces. His muscles were still reduced, even in your mouth and it can lead to suffocation. The last such incident occurred relatively recently — in 2008.

Эти деликатесы могут убить. Фото

The Icelandic national dish, is none other than the rotten meat bowhead sharks. However, sound cool? Yes, we also are not sure. Fresh to eat meat of this shark is generally impossible: she has no kidneys, so the whole carcass contains a high content of urea. That resourceful Vikings and invented to cut the carcass into pieces and bury in the ground for eight weeks. Urea, during this time, leaving in the ground, well, that meat happens — you don’t know. If the period chosen is wrong, and the meat is not reached (or Vice versa, perestelo in the ground), then at least the reanimation of the consumer provided.

Эти деликатесы могут убить. Фото

One of the main delicacies, and without specific Chukotka cuisine. A person from lower latitudes can not look at this dish without disgust. Not better and the method of its preparation: the starving couple of days of the deer (it is necessary to clear his intestines), having in the swamp, to suffocate, to avoid damage to the skin and flush, fully immersing the carcass in the swamp muck. After a couple of months a delicacy ready to eat! If even this did not discourage your appetite, here’s another little secret of this dish: eat it and not to poison the concentration of the putrid poison that is contained in the half-decayed carcass, only the indigenous people of the North. For everyone else it is likely to be the last meal in life.

Эти деликатесы могут убить. Фото

Kazoo The Martz
Another extravagant dish from our list, which are native are not far North and not even known for its exotic cuisine of Asia and the island in the Mediterranean sea – Sardinia. To properly prepare cheese kazoo to Martz, resourceful Italians are accommodated in it of the larvae of cheese flies. Worms eat cheese, why that acquires a specific taste and smell. By the way, serves this cheese directly with people living in it larvae, alive is able to get into the stomach and develop rough activity, causing vomiting and abdominal pain. So, if you ever dare to try the kazoo Martz, remember that you need to chew it as carefully as possible.

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