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These combinations of food can destroy your body

Эти сочетания еды способны погубить ваш организмIf so, the body will be under considerable tension.

Each of us likes to eat and the tastier the food is, the better. But probably few people know that the proper combination of ingredients in a dish depends not only its taste, which can be spoiled due to the fact that the ingredients to each other is not fit, but this Duo can harm the digestive system. Remember, once again leaving the table you felt the burden and overcrowding in the stomach, although not eat so much. One reason for this discomfort are nesochetaemoe between the products, which will bring much more benefits if you eat them separately.

Starchy carbs and tomatoes. Individually they pose no danger, but it is necessary to merge them together, as contained in the product acid and starch will cause problems with digestion. Rice or, for example, potatoes should not have a bit of sugar with tomatoes, if you don’t want to get a feeling of heaviness, indigestion and fatigue immediately after eating.

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Wine and sweet. When alcohol is the secretion of insulin increases. If seizing the wine is sweet, the carbs from dessert will be stored in fat on the sides. Because a better couple to wine is not considered to be sweet, while foods with a low glycemic index, like vegetables rich in fiber.

Starchy carbs and animal proteins. Classical Duo from meat potato nutritionists consider unhealthy. One of the reasons lies in the fact that the digestive enzymes of these dishes don’t live well together. From time-tested classics can be guaranteed to get a feeling of discomfort and flatulence.

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Cereals and milk. Cereal with milk is not the most healthy Breakfast. And all because both products contain fast carbs. They cause a spike in blood sugar, and once the level drops, you get hungry again and will not notice how you reach for junk food.

Main dish and fruit. Fruits are digested quickly and after about 40 minutes pass into the intestine. If they have grains together or meat, they linger in the stomach longer than necessary and eventually begin to wander. This can cause damage to the intestinal wall and a number of other problems.

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