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These cities can boast beautiful waterways. Photo

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. ФотоWaterways play an important role in the history of transportation.

Still today there are cities like Venice, Birmingham and Giethoorn, world famous for its beautiful system of canals. This collection presents a list of the 10 cities with the most beautiful canals. I suggest you to take a fascinating photo-journey through the most beautiful parts of the world.

Can Tho, Vietnam

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

The large Vietnamese city of can tho located in the Mekong Delta with a network of numerous canals and rivers. The total duration of the city’s waterways is 1157 km away. based on the Hau River, the biggest branch of the Mekong along the North side of can tho. In addition to the huge network of channels, the main attraction of can tho are the floating markets. Commercial boats for offer here a wide range of products, many of which are created by local residents. The biggest floating market in can tho is famous for Cai rang. Tour on the canals of can tho is the best way to purchase local products and to learn about the cultural aspects of the city.

Cape Coral, FL

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

The city of Cape coral, Florida known for its beautiful canals with a total length of about 600 kilometers. It is the longest system of man-made canals in the world. The city has both freshwater and saltwater lakes, making the city even more unique. Artificial canals of Cape Coral with a length of several hundred kilometers were dug in the 1970-ies. The canal system to this day provides sufficient water for irrigation and protects the city from flooding.

Bangkok, Thailand

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

The canal system was an integral part of the city of Bangkok since the 18th century. The first waterway of the city were dug to protect its borders. During the 19th century system of canals in Bangkok have been greatly expanded for irrigation and transport. Today, many of the waterways are drained, but the channels still play an important role in the transport system of the country. Channels in Bangkok is usually called hangame. Khlong Saen Saeb length of 18 km, the main canal of Bangkok, crossing the city from East to West. Tour boat on this canal is the best way of sightseeing in Bangkok. This tour allows you to explore important historical places and shopping centers of the city. Floating markets – another feature of the waterways of Bangkok. Many colorful trade boats selling local products, creating an indescribable atmosphere. In total here there are 5 main floating markets. Strongly recommend that you visit at least one of them.

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Bruges, Belgium

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

Big medieval city of Bruges is famous for its beautiful canals and centuries-old fortifications. Thanks to the waterways of Bruges, also called ‘Venice of the North’. Tour of the canals – the best way to see the city and its attractions. Cosy Bruges canals connect all major parts of the city. You can go on a fascinating tour of the city from different places. The average duration of this journey is 30 minutes. View of Bruges from the water will allow you to experience this city in all its manifestations.

Stockholm, Sweden

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

Stockholm – the capital of Sweden, based on 14 Islands on lake Malaren. The vast Stockholm archipelago connects the city with the Baltic sea in the East. Covering more than 30,000 large and small Islands in the Stockholm archipelago is the biggest archipelago in Sweden. The boat trip is the best way to explore the city of Stockholm and the many beautiful Islands. The sparkling blue waters of the Stockholm archipelago amazingly clean, so you can fish and swim right in the city. Stockholm is considered one of the greenest cities in the world with 12 large natural parks.

Alleppey, India

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

The city of Alleppey in the Indian state of Kerala is known as ‘the Venice of the East’. The picturesque city includes a network of lagoons, rivers and lakes comprising the famous wetlands of Kerala. National Park in Kerala covers 1500 km of canals, lakes and freshwater rivers. Swamp Vembanad to Alleppey – one of the most picturesque parts of Kerala with an area of the surface in 2033 square kilometers. It is also the largest lake in Kerala. You can rent a houseboat and speed boat to travel the canals of Alleppey. This is a great chance to learn the culture and the breathtaking natural beauty of the city.

Suzhou, China

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

The historic Chinese city of Suzhou and is admired for its beautiful gardens and canals. The town is intersected by small channels 15 and located close to the Grand canal – major water ways of China with a length of almost 2,000 kilometers. It is the longest man-made waterway in the world, built between 581 and 618 years. Along the canals of Suzhou are numerous historical sites of interest for travelers.

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Giethoorn, Netherlands

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

Giethoorn is a beautiful village in the Netherlands where there are no roads. All the houses of the village separated by canals and linked together by small bridges. Just this small settlement has more than 180 bridges. Giethoorn is also known as ‘Venice of the Netherlands’. There are no cars and the locals are moved on boats and bikes. Channels streets of Giethoorn silent run special tourist boats with quiet electric motors instead of a noisy gasoline engines. This is a great place for a romantic excursion that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Birmingham, England

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

Birmingham is the second most populous city of England with 1.9 million inhabitants. The city is also famous for its 150 kilometres of navigable canals cute. On the total length of canals in Birmingham is superior to Venice. The first channel of the city of Birmingham was dug in 1769. It was to connect Birmingham with the city Wednesbury. In the 18th century the total length of the canals was more than 200 kilometers, but up to the present day survived about 150 km and a Fascinating tour of the beautiful and tranquil canals of Birmingham will reveal magical views of the city.

Venice, Italy

Эти города могут похвалиться красивыми водными каналами. Фото

Venice is the most famous city in the world with beautiful canals. It really is a unique city located on a group of 118 connected by canals and bridges Islands. In total here there are 170 canals and fewer bridges. This city has a unique geographical location, on a daily basis by more than 50,000 visitors. Venice is the largest city without cars in Europe. Traditional rowing boat called gondola is the main mode of transport. Today the city has more than 350 gondolas. The Grand canal is 3800 meters long, the biggest and most famous waterway in Venice. Tour in gondola on the Grand canal and other small canals is an integral part of the tourist program of visiting the city. In addition to a relaxed trip, you can enjoy the beauty of spectacular palaces and other historical buildings of Venice, most of which are located along the city’s canals.

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