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These celebrities collect the most incredible things. Photo

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. ФотоThey are willing to spend on his Hobbies of millions of dollars.

Evolution itself decreed that man is prone to gathering. First, he fed found edible vegetables, fruits, berries and cereals, then the gathering became the basis of wealth accumulation, now at the old habits appeared aesthetic component, and the process was a beautiful name – “collecting”. Do not stay away from the universal Hobbies filling your home with different “stuff” – from empty matchboxes to magnets geographical pointers – and movie stars, it turns out, Hollywood is full of collectors, and collect actors and Directors of the most unexpected things.

Tim Burton

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

One of the most sinister collections in Hollywood is in the house of Tim Burton, that, in fact, not surprised. Gloomy storyteller collects… dentures, used on the set, or more simply, applied jaw. It is unknown when born this hobby, but you can easily trace that the artificial teeth Burton uses in almost all her movies from “planet of the apes” to “Dark shadows”. All the canines and incisors of the Director when the scene is carefully collects and arranges the house on the shelves. In a year of famine will come in handy.

Johnny Depp

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

The fact that brutal men on the case are thin romantic nature, has become a popular cinematic cliché, but from reality it’s not so far – for example, johnny Depp in between piracy and witchcraft, collects Barbie dolls and accessories. The actor became addicted to this strange pastime, playing with the kids. “We would spend hours playing with dolls, this is probably the best thing I can do in life,” says the actor. However, there is a Depp and passion Mature – “Jack Sparrow” gathers a collection of insects. Beetles and butterflies to play not so exciting, but this collection can be replenished, without leaving his personal island.

Leonardo DiCaprio

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

This before Leonardo DiCaprio shelves were empty and they needed something to fill the now Leo received his first “Oscar” and other stuff in the cupboards have to get rid of. And stuff was a lot, because the actor since childhood, collecting figurines of movie characters. Collection not so long ago was put under the hammer, but there were very rare instances that the characters of the movie “Star wars,” “Alien,” “2001: a Space Odyssey” and “planet of the apes”. Kids games actor was replaced on a serious art – Leo switched to buying paintings. In his collection of art works is, for example, the work of the brush Given.

Nicolas Cage

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

How loyal comic book fan is Nicolas cage knows, perhaps every fan of the movie confirm this years love became a huge collection of comic books, collected by the actor. The pearl set was a rare issue depicting the appearance of Superman, his cage has sold at auction for two million dollars. However, not long ago, Nicholas said that he had grown out of short pants picture-books, his new passion is knives. Not so long ago the actor was seen at the time of purchase of the old dagger with a handle of ivory the cost of two thousand dollars.

George Clooney

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

More recently, George Clooney was listed as the most desirable and respectable Hollywood groom, and the bachelor, but still so bright, must be the attributes of riotous living. In the case of Clooney his inner freedom was expressed in the presence of domestic pig and motorcycle collection. And iron horses in his stall pined the most brutal and the most powerful Harley side by side with three-wheeled all-terrain vehicle-scooter. It is unknown whether George can keep this stag island after the wedding, or the roaring of beasts in the garage had replaced the family mini-van and pink Prius with maintenka covers on the seats.

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John Lennon

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

The main (apologies to any fans of Paul, George and Ringo) “Beatle” John Lennon, not quite Hollywood and not a movie star, but he’s the closest from our current top to ordinary people. Few know that Lennon was a collector of ordinary postage stamps. The hobby of stamp collecting, young John picked up from his cousin Stanley who once showed a future musician in your stamp album, and Lennon literally ill with the gathering. John especially liked the fact that brands often have not only a beautiful picture, but also the history, what and why they are. In addition, brands can learn geography before you fly all the world with tours.

Tobey Maguire

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

Under the mask of spider-Man lies not only a humble photographer Peter Parker, but also a passionate fine art actor Tobey Maguire. The paparazzi still can’t get used to the fact that Toby is much easier to see the exhibition, auction or in private galleries than clubs, discos or social events. Of course, McGuire was hanging around the exhibitions for a reason – he carefully selects fabric for his collection. According to the shopping of the actor, Toby tends to the Oriental motives, although graphics are not refusing – curious to see how the paintings fit into the interior of his home.

Demi Moore

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

Another “Sokolnice” – demi Moore. The future actress grew up in a not very happy family, but because of the toys the girl was not simple. Thirst quenched struck demi in the 1980’s glory – Moore is not just playing with dolls, she became furiously buy and filled the houses, dresses and cars all of the living space. If Bruce Willis enthusiastically wives was accepted, and the residential area apparently was allowed, Ashton Kutcher, rumor has it, the neighborhood toys stand is not very good. Evil tongues say that during one of the quarrels Kutcher suggested to my wife to choose: he or Barbie – and demi not thinking, gave preference to plastic girlfriends.

Brad Pitt

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

Before his wedding with Angelina Jolie brad pitt began to assemble a collection of paintings – a couple of years ago he collected works of art in the amount estimated at nearly $ 20 million. Jolie collection joins together the couple began to collect not only classical pieces but also works of contemporary artists like street artist Banksy. Who will depart the art gallery or collection after the divorce and division of property will be divided is still unknown, but there’s nothing sadder than parting with the paintings, blazevski your eyes for many years. Branjolina not to be envied.

Kiefer Sutherland

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

Any musician will tell you that for a certain mood it requires a special tool, even if you think that all of his guitars, violins or saxophones are the same. But why multiple guitars actor? Of course, for the collection. Guitar collecting Kiefer Sutherland, and most of the collected tools is the production company Gibson. Found out about the passion of the actor master of the guitar case made Kiefer a truly Royal gift – a personalized guitar made by a special sketch in a single copy. You can play 24 hours a day.

John Cena

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

Known for his comic with the phrase “I’m mark Wahlberg, who swallowed Mark Wahlberg” from the movie “Girl” wrestler John Cena can say this without any equivocation. While mark is filming and family, Cena has amassed an impressive collection of vintage cars. In the garage of John such cool cars like the Mercury Cougar Eliminator 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge 1970 Dodge Charger 1966 Plymouth Superbird of 1970. And Yes, sin from time to time riding on the same Ford Torino GT, for which Clint Eastwood in a film was ready to kill. Nabora was the envy of all.

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Barbra Streisand

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

The famous actress and singer Barbara Streisand their “disease” was picked up on a normal flea market. Accidentally hitting the “flea market”, the youngest at that time Barbara spent hours wandering among the stalls and bought old things. From trinkets, buttons and tableware, the actress moved to the furniture, but this proved to be not so much expensive or time consuming, how costly in terms of placement. Only when Streisand was thoroughly rich and could afford to buy a couple of “houses” (thereby creating the famous effect of his name), the fascination crystallized and received clear direction: now Barbara is one of the largest in America, collectors of art-furniture of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Quentin Tarantino

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

Quentin Tarantino – the man who in his youth used to be content with little, all his money went to the only passionate love – movie. And nothing is more expensive than blockbuster and dual sessions kintrea future cult Director himself could not afford, and this habit of saving is still living at Quentin inside. Having the opportunity to play all the consoles and gadgets, Tarantino has a passion for the humble Board game, plastic, and cardboard. However, what aby toy you the Director’s surprise, he receives only those related to film and mass culture.

John Travolta

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

About the passion of John Travolta planes we have already told, but collecting planes – the pleasure is very heavy even for Arab sheikhs and Russian oligarchs. Although in the hangars of the actor is half a dozen aircraft, a full meeting is not called, but the actor’s house filled with all sorts of clothing items and uniforms pilots of all eras of Aeronautics. Collection of pilot accessories Travolta has more than thousands of items, enough for a small airline.

Tom Hanks

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

Hobby Tom Hanks ‘ vintage typewriters are also widely known – this collection is so popular that, on the one hand, colleagues regularly give the actor something new (that’s from the set “Spy bridge” Tom is back with “completion”), and the other designers called the name of the actor new fonts visually similar to the style of a typewriter. But compare obsession by Hanks, no one can – the actor recently said he intends to release the print collection of short stories about typewriters of his own. A few copies may he printed by himself, working models from his collection.

Dan Aykroyd

 Эти знаменитости коллекционируют самые невероятные вещи. Фото

The famous Elwood Blues and the doctor Stanz, Hollywood comedian Dan Aykroyd has one of the most interesting Hobbies, and hardly anyone else in the world can boast such a collection. The thing is that the actor collects police badges, and they, as you know, law enforcement does not spread and rarely put up for sale. The possession of these spectacle Aykroyd has reached the point that, by his own admission, he never leaves home without this in one of the pockets – who knows what! Just need to find out where he takes them – not on the Internet buys.

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