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These car experts believe the highest quality

Эти автомобили эксперты считают самыми качественнымиThe greatest progress was made in Mazda.

Korean cars, the Genesis topped the U.S. ranking of the most reliable cars.

An independent study by the American company J. D. Power and Associates, which examines customer demand, showed that the offspring of the Korean car industry in General, took all three places on the podium of the highest quality and reliable machines.

The study, which is based on the results of surveys 75,7 thousands of American car owners, each answered 233 of the question, it became clear that the model of the G90, G70 and G80 this brand of premium class, which is a sub-brand of Hyundai, take the fewest problems to their owners in the first 90 days of operation. For every 100 models of the Genesis have only 68 faults.

Following the brand’s Genesis in the average number of defects leading positions are occupied by Kia. In the second place they were taken 72 faults per 100 cars. Note that last year this Korean automaker was the leader of the rating.

Third place for the year have been replaced by cars Hyundai – 74 defect per 100 cars.

But the first representative of the German automotive industry, which was famous once for its quality, is only in fourth place. Porsche 79 flaws per 100 vehicles.

Closes the first five leaders, Ford – 81 flaw for over 100 cars.

Interestingly, the most unreliable car brand of the 31 who participated in the study, turned out to be cars Land Rover – they have a record of 160 failures per 100 vehicles. The last place is occupied Jaguar (148 faults) and Volvo (122 defect). However, these three brands deficiencies often associated only with operation of multimedia systems.

Over the past year the greatest progress has made Mazda, Mitsubishi, Cadillac, Infiniti, Hyundai and Lexus, which reduced during the year more than 10 bugs.

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