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These bad habits mistakenly believe useful

Эти вредные привычки ошибочно считают полезнымиNot all eating habits benefit the body, even if a person thinks that they are absolutely healthy.

The fact is that any diet, especially aimed at weight reduction, does not meet the 100% healthy way of life.

Nutritionists advise to avail themselves of the diets only in the most necessary situations. If a person has more time and he plans to keep yourself in shape, you need only to follow the rules for healthy and proper nutrition is to maintain a balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins to spend more calories than comes from food. So, harmful diets and products considered to be useful, not to be carried away free of grease products. Usually low fat means that a product is a lot of sugar and carbohydrates, so the weight of this food will only increase.

Fruit juice also does not respond the rules of healthy nutrition, because in addition to the beneficial fiber and vitamins contains a lot of sugar. However, juice from the store is even more harmful because it contains mostly flavors, sugar and preservatives.

Detox smoothies decrease in the body weight due to water – fat when it’s not going anywhere, and after completing the course the pounds back almost instantly.

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