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These bad habits can cause severe back pain

Эти вредные привычки могут вызвать сильные боли в спинеTo back should be treated with care.

Do you often have a sore lower back, you can’t sleep because of back pain? Perhaps the reason for your suffering in your habits.

Of course, there is no universal recipe for health that will suit all without exception. And if you have regular back pain, the first thing to do is to go to the doctor. But think about your daily habits: perhaps they have led to the deterioration of the back.

Habit 1
Improper lifting weights

If you abruptly lift off the floor a heavy bag or a box, you risk breaking your back! To correctly lift weights it: sit with your back straight, take the cargo and then viprasys. This reduces the load on the spine and helps to distribute it evenly.

Habit 2
To carry the bag on one shoulder

If you carry a bag always only on the right or on the left shoulder, the spine receives an uneven load, which could then lead to back problems. Try to alternate the load, carry the bag on both shoulders alternately, and even better – get yourself a stylish backpack.

Habit 3
Long periods of sitting or standing

If you have a standing or sedentary work, you are at risk. Congestion can lead to diseases of the spine. In order to avoid this, every hour at least 5-10 minutes move: walk around the office or do some stretching for the back.

Habit 4
Neglect of physical exercise

Muscle is the framework that holds the spine and protects it from injury. If you have weakened muscles, and possible back problems. Discipline yourself to do exercises, even short but regular.

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Habit 5
Awkward movements-twisting

Sharp turns of the body can cause severe sudden pain and cause of back injuries. Try to turn smoothly, especially the simultaneous turns with weight lifting. Listen to the signals that you submit your body: your back knows that it is useful and what is not

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