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These bad foods are good for heart health

Эти вредные продукты полезны для здоровья сердцаPasta does not have the status of a useful and dietary product.

Doctors recommend limiting the consumption of pasta in a balanced diet, because carbohydrate this product enough calories.

However, scientists from Pisa conducted a study and determined that a separate type of pasta has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. According to research, pasta from a mixture of whole grain barley flour and flour from durum wheat prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks. And all because of the content of beta-glucans, which are rich in barley.

Beta-glucan is a compound that helps the body to form new blood vessels. These vascular neoplasms are used by the body as “natural workarounds” in the event of a heart attack.

The beneficial effects of barley paste on the heart was tested on mice. Those animals that consumed barley pasta to artificially induced heart failure, received a less heart damage and had a higher survival rate. Mice that were fed regular pasta, unfortunately, suffered more losses.

Testing showed that long-term consumption of barley pasta safely increases coronary collaterals and reduces mortality. Previously, the growth of collateral arteries was stimulated exclusively by surgery, using stem cells or gene therapy methods.

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