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These are popular ways to treat colds do not work

Эти популярные способы лечения простуды не работаютThey are not effective.

Doctors strongly advise ill (fever, headache, and a stuffy nose, scratchy throat) to stay home. And we certainly try to do that (right?). Honestly sit at home, drink milk with honey and cook cranberry fruit drinks, we seize all these lemons and waiting for release.

In fact, a popular folk remedy for treating colds is not always useful and good. Parse with our experts on how not to hurt yourself.

1. Say – in a mug

– A very popular advice is to drink hot tea, always with lemon, – says our expert, nutritionist Lyudmila Denisenko. But vitamin C in hot tea destroyed. Therefore, if we want to receive a loading dose askorbinki, which we needed during illness, it is best to look for it not in the lemon. Much more vitamin C in rosehips, bell red pepper, sea buckthorn, black currants, and sauerkraut. Want to get better soon – don’t forget the popular Russian salad: sauerkraut with onions and crude oil. A real vitamin bomb!

2. Cranberry juice with honey

Double benefit – and vitamin C, and useful honey. However, to put the honey in a hot drink, and even more can not be boiled. All good will be destroyed. When the cooked juice cooled to about 40 degrees, then add.

To rely on natural say as a panacea still not worth it, – said PhD otolaryngologist Elena vladykina. – The more acid and of fruit and vegetables may harm razdrajennouu throat. In addition, of fruit vitamin C is so easily absorbed. Have to drink several liters of cranberry broth to get at least a tenth of the required vitamin C. Though to underestimate the action of drinking a cold can not. At the temperature necessary to drink more water and drinks, including juice with honey.

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3. Warm milk from a sore throat

This drink accompanies any painful childhood of the child. But its effect is somewhat exaggerated, according to doctors. There is only one plus of milk and honey – softening of the mucous. But the lactic bacteria is a great background for bacteria to grow, which angina may only be delayed.

In addition, as told by the otolaryngologist Anatoly Smirnitsky, in acute or allergic rhinitis (the common cold) milk may worsen the condition. The enzymes contained in it, have a thickening effect. That is, the common cold can become worse.

4. Eat raspberries

Well, it would seem that there generally questions should not be – after all, since ancient times, raspberry is known as a natural antibiotic.

– Yes, a decoction of raspberry – a great way to stimulate perspiration, – has commented on this method of treatment Dr. Komarovsky. – That is, if we feed the baby raspberries, he propoaed necessary. And when a person sweats, the sweat evaporates and thus the body loses heat. But one of the main problems of any child with a high temperature is a fluid deficit in the body. In order that the child propotel, he should be given fluid. If we give him the raspberries, not feeding him beforehand, he will start to sweat. And he will have blood clots, respectively, formed sputum viscosity, we increase the risk of complications. It is possible to give tea with raspberry? . But a Cup of tea with raspberries should be a third Cup. The first two without raspberry.

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5. And a good wrap up to sweat!

But with this statement are fighting all doctors.

– We do not recommend our patients too much to wrap up, says Javier Cañones, Secretary General of the Spanish Association of General medicine. – Sweating is a normal physiological process. Thanks to him, regulates the body temperature. When a person is too wrapped up, the sweat cools on the skin and may cause chills or fever.

By the WAY

Chicken soup really does help

Eternal grandmother’s advice – drink some chicken soup if he was sick, now has a clear scientific basis. Pulmonologist Professor Stephen Rennard conducted a study and proved that the use of chicken soup during the SARS effect on the motility of neutrophils and leukocytes. They protect the body from infections and activate the immune system.

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