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These ancient caves hide many secrets. Photo

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. ФотоMysteries of ancient caves.

The cave throughout history has been for people with housing, shelter, and a place of religious rites. But being inaccessible and, therefore, poorly understood, they still keep many secrets and is still of great interest to archaeologists.

1. The altar Stone Python - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

In the 1990-ies in Botswana was found a cave, inside of which is a stone looking like the head and torso of a giant snake, covered with scratches, similar to his scales. Representatives of the San living in these areas, Python is one of the most revered animals, and perhaps in this cave the representatives of the ancient African tribe performed a ritual worship of the God Python. Thus, for 77 thousand years ago was the established religion, by far the most ancient of all known.

2. Finds in the cave of Liang Bua

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

In 2003 on the Indonesian island of Flores in the cave of Liang Bua were found the remains of the ancient people of unusually small stature (about a meter), named Florensky, also referred to as “hobbits”. Heated debate about the species of these people continue to this day. Most scientists believe the “hobbits” of some before unknown, the species of hominid, obmelchali in terms of island living, and their opponents will take them to the species sapiens and explain the unusual anatomy of the “hobbits” of congenital diseases.

However, the unique features of the structure of the skeleton, the skull, the shape of the carpal bones of the “hobbits” evidence in favor of their independent species status, along with the CRO-magnons, Neanderthals and denisovans. In 2014, close to this same cave, anthropologists have found a fragment of a lower jaw, a piece of skull and some teeth, holders of which were also dwarfs. The study of the structures found the teeth and compare them with teeth of other ancient people also argues in favor of the uniqueness of Florensky people. According to the modern theory, man Florensky – the last descendant of a more primitive hominid. Extinct “hobbits” 12 thousand years ago due to the eruption of the volcano.

3. Ancient wine factory

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

In one of the mountain caves of Armenia archaeologists found the remains of equipment for large scale production of alcohol, used some 6,000 years ago. The installation consisted of a shallow clay basin, where the grapes are trampled underfoot, and then the juice through the channels going into the VAT, in which it is left for fermentation. The finished wine was kept in jars in the same cave, the conditions of temperature and humidity, which turned it into a beautiful cellar. The scale of wine means that the grapes in those days were already domesticated. Since the whole installation was surrounded by graves, the wine may have used as a ceremonial drink at the funeral.

4. “Cursed” island

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

Sinister secrets shrouded Isle Blo, Jungfrun. Here, according to legend, before the Easter witches gathered for their annual Sabbath to worship the devil. And once during the Sabbath occurred the massacre of the flying witches. In ancient times these caves, about 9 thousand years ago, had conducted sacrificial rituals. In two caves of the island, archaeologists found the building, like the altar, a place for a fire and the bones of seals.

5. Ancient casino

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

In one of the caves in the territory of Utah were found many artifacts associated with gambling, indicating that there was an ancient casino, used for over 800 years. The dice were carved from cane, small hoops for throwing Darts – bark juniper. Maybe people come here not only for entertainment, there could also be dealt with disputes between tribes. As bets in the games is the money could be used for valuable items.

6. The Hellenistic city of Petra

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

In Jordan, near the famous city of Petra, there is a complex of caves, known as Little Petra, where researchers waited amazing discovery in the form of wall paintings 2,000-year-old Hellenistic-style, until then considered lost. The restoration of figures took three years. The quality and rarity of these figures is unique. Their elegant realism allowed the identification of plants, birds and insects. Children to play the flute, collect fruit, flying birds. The play of colors becomes more luxurious by the addition of gold leaf and glazes.

7. Cave Lupercal

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

Lupercal, the most sacred place in the city, is part of the tangled past of Rome, intertwined with legends and history. According to legend, it was here, in the cave, was suckled and raised by she-wolf the founders of Rome, the infants Romulus and Remus. Subsequently, the cave was turned into an underground temple. In 2007, Italian archaeologists have identified the location of the famous sanctuary, which is located underground at a depth of 16 meters. It is a room 8 m high and 7.5 m in diameter. The ceiling is painted like the symbol of Rome, the white eagle, and the walls are decorated with shells, mosaics and coloured marble.

8. Neanderthal builders

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

In the study of caves Bruniquel in France archaeologists have discovered in the mysterious circle, built 177 thousand years ago four hundred fragments of stalagmites. The total perimeter of the circles more than 112 m, and their purpose is still unknown. All fragments show traces of heating flame. At that time the area was inhabited by Neanderthals only. Since the construction of such facilities is impossible without a sufficiently advanced level of communication and social organization, the findings are able to significantly alter the current thinking about the level of development of the Neanderthals and allow you to put them on a higher level.

9. The Life Of Buddha

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

In 2007 in Nepal, a local shepherd led the team of archaeologists in a cave, inside which they found 55 of the frescoes that were created before the 13th century BC the frescoes depict different scenes from Buddha’s life. It is evident that the paintings were written under the strong influence of Indian culture and not Tibetan. The exact location of these pictures is kept secret to protect them from robbers.

10. A Fleet Of Ancient Egypt

Эти древние пещеры скрывают множество тайн. Фото

In 2004 archaeologists in several caves of Egypt found the remains of the ancient fleet – ropes, masts, fragments of vessels, made of cedar, with more than 80 pieces. All parts of the ships are well preserved and were transferred to the Museum workshops with the aim of reconstruction. Findings indicate that the ancient Egyptians made significant progress in shipbuilding and used their fleet for trade with other countries.

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