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These affordable products will help effective colon cleanse

Эти доступные продукты помогут эффективному очищению кишечника Intestinal cleansing with the help of available products

The proposed prophylactic method of cleansing the colon is intended for those who have no serious problems with the intestines and those who don’t wish to appear in the future.

In the morning on an empty stomach or eat a clove of peeled garlic, 1 to 2 of Apple, or beet salad.

Beet salad prepared as follows: one small beet, grate, add the grated garlic, sunflower oil and salt. You can also be eaten for Breakfast porridge or fresh cabbage salad with sunflower oil.

These and similar dishes will be to clean the bowel and make together with them all, because it’s not supposed to be there.

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