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These actionable recommendations will help those who have no time to lose weight

Эти действенные рекомендации помогут тем, кому некогда худетьDo not need a gym.

The most effective methods of fight against excess fat stay proper nutrition and regular exercise.

But there are still many different tips to achieve the desired goal, because our daily habits also contribute to get the desired weight without putting their health at unnecessary risk.

The problem is that not everyone has the time to go to the gym, and someone buys a ticket, but not with sufficient frequency to attend trainings.

Our deeds and responsibilities, stress and other factors become a barrier to regular physical activity.

For this reason, it would be nice to know about other activities that will help to burn calories and excess fat without professional trainers and simulators.

Some of them are everyday experiences, which will allow you to lose weight and remove fat, without any special effort.

1. Get down and climb the stairs

It has been proved that such simple, at first glance, the action as the ascent or descent the stairs allow a person to burn a lot of calories.

If it will enter you into the habit, instead of having to use the Elevator, you will not only increase the energy consumption of your body, but pump up the muscles of the buttocks, legs, and the stomach.

In addition, if you do this for a long time, at least 10 minutes a day, the results will not wait long and pleasantly surprise you.

The benefits of such exercises is obvious: building muscle, heart health and good blood circulation.

2. Dance

The followers of dance can concentrate on your job while reducing weight.

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Such a pleasant and useful lessons lose up to 700 calories per hour, depending on the pace at which you are driving.

Dancing relieves stress, stimulate metabolism, well-trained muscles of the abdomen, legs and buttocks.

3. Relax

This healthy habit as sound sleep is very closely linked with the intensity of weight loss and fat burning.

People who sleep less than 5 hours, more prone to weight gain, and they are much harder to get rid of it (even with regular exercise).

To give yourself proper rest, it is important to abandon all the glowing displays, heavy meals and stimulants before bedtime.

4. Go for a walk

Let it be not a long walk, around the house or in a nearby Park. It will allow you to burn three times more calories than if you were just sitting at home (or office).

Walking briskly activates the flow of energy, increases metabolic rate and accelerates calorie burning.

And if you take a walk after a meal, it will help more to digest.

5. Home only benefit!

All the household chores without exception provide you with an effective fight against excess fat without the need to perform special exercises.

Among the most useful in this lesson plan (which force to move the body and increase the power consumption) are the following:

To wash the dishes.
To wash the floors.

And the interesting thing is that these activities are not as grueling as sports training.

6. Jump the rope

Jumping rope not only will remind you of a happy childhood, but also allow you to burn large amounts of fat while we have fun.

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Just 50-100 jumps will help you to get rid of 100 calories (depending on the speed at which you will jump).

And alternating movement and intensity, you will achieve even faster results: first do a series of small jumps, then jump up and down alternately on one leg and perform higher jumps.

To spend a maximum of calories, jump from a moving (forward, sideways or backward).

7. Drink lemon water on an empty stomach

Warm water with lemon (morning fasting) is a great habit that helps fight obesity and improves health.

This drink speeds up the metabolism, which facilitates the process of fat burning throughout the day.

And given the high concentration of nutrients in lemon water, we can say that it strengthens the immune system, stimulates the elimination of toxins from the body and prevents the development of diseases.

8. Watch the number of calories consumed

There is no need to become obsessive, and with absolute precision to record what I ate. Just need to know high-calorie meals, and avoid excessive consumption.

It is believed that in the day of an adult requires between 2000 to 2500 calories, so his body will work in “optimal” mode, coping with all of its functions.

If you manage to fit in a designated “frame”, then your body will not have to exert extra effort to get rid of all the excess.

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