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These 5 treats will prolong your life

 Эти 5 удовольствий продлят вашу жизньThe researchers told how the fun can extend the life.

The researchers found that the simple pleasures – great food, wine, love – can be as beneficial to the body.

Fresh fruit improves memory. One of the most delicious diet – Mediterranean – improves memory and is an excellent prevention of dementia (senile dementia).

Coffee as cancer prevention. Can relieved exhale and coffee lovers. Scientists from the University of York sure: coffee is a kind of charging for the heart. And even transferred heart attack not a reason to refuse a drink. However, as with wine, you need a moderation: to recharge your motor, only two cups of coffee. A study of the University of southern California is directly linked coffee with cancer of the colon and rectum – have coffee lovers the risk of this type of cancer on the quarter below.

Love getting smarter! Contrary to popular belief, love is not stupid, quite the contrary. Chinese scientists have conducted a series of experiments and found: the brain of a man who loves and love is much more intense, and aktiviziruyutsya areas responsible for learning and motivation. A little less, but still active and the brain of those who are experiencing unhappy love. But the people who love the excitement was alien to all areas of the brain were equally moderate. So, it turns out, one of the most effective ways results in studies or career is to fall in love.

Sleep – together! When you sleep together with your lover, don’t you just pleasure yourself and your partner. Researchers from middle East technical University in Turkey examined the sleeping couples and singles, and came to the conclusion that the best remedy against insomnia is to sleep together. The presence of a loved person gives a sense of protection and peace of mind, and therefore fall asleep easily and quickly.

Red wine and chocolate can save you from Alzheimer’s. About the benefits of red wine in moderation has long been known. Useful make it a substance resveratrol, which contains such Goodies as dark chocolate, raspberries and red grapes. A recent study at the medical center at Georgetown University have discovered new properties of this substance the protection against inflammatory processes in the brain and improve cognitive functions (i.e. memory, attention, intelligence).

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