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There you have it: the sophomore from Ukraine took the third place in the genius Olympiad

Знай наших: десятиклассник из Украины занял третье место в Олимпиаде гениевUkrainian got the bronze medal at the genius Olympiad.

Ukrainian grader Samuel Kruglyak, living in Alexandria, Kirovohrad region, won the national stage of the international competition scientifically-technical creativity of schoolchildren Intel ISEF 2015. Because of this he was able to participate in the genius Olympiad, held in Oswego in the U.S. state of new York from 14 to 19 June. There he received the bronze medal, beating two thousand young inventors from different countries. It is reported by the Chronicles of Permanent Crisis in Ukraine.

The project Logs called “Getting electricity from the atmosphere”, he envisages the extraction of electricity from the atmosphere using artificial ionized cloud due to the strong electric field, which will emit ionizing tower. According to estimates, one kilowatt of energy will cost three pennies, a project realized thanks to the teachers of the Minor Academy of Sciences Svetlana the Sand and Sergei Kaminsky. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Scientific Director of the sections of the scientific-technical creativity and innovation and environmentally friendly technologies MANUM Sand said that before the victory in new York on a student project, nobody paid attention. However, to do the installation happened with the help of specialists from the laboratory MAN in Kiev. Sand added that the invention envisages the extraction of electricity and water, she was sure that when I start the installation it would be possible to provide electricity with the Kirovograd region at 82%.

In addition to the diploma, Kruglyak received the opportunity to study at a University in the United States and receive a stipend of $ 700.

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