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There were shots of the conflict between the Shrine and Parasyuk. Video

Появились кадры конфликта между Дзиндзей и Парасюком. ВидеоYesterday in Avdeevka held a rally against the blockade ARDLE.

Yesterday’s conflict on one of the redoubts of the siege ORDO occurred because of the unwillingness of participants of the blockade to engage in dialogue.
This was reported in the comments to.NO journalist Andrey Dzindzya.

On the conflict with the participation of the people’s Deputy Tetiana Chornovol, he said: “she started the conversation. Don’t listen to her, and began to throw eggs. Later, it struck the girl with his fists and the guys tried to beat. There was no dialogue – it was aggression. Parasyuk ran personally served eggs. In fact, it was a provocation on the part parasiuk and groups of people who came… hard to say… There were veterans of the ATO, but there were “aunts” of the newcomers. In gym shorts, Balaclava – paid meetings”.

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According to him, he recorded the event on camera.

“I was sitting in the car. And when I saw that in my direction bezhat, started the car and started driving. And after personally Parasyuk managed to break my side window. The car was beaten with sticks, kicked. I was able to redoubt to leave because I realized that I just score. I drove off to the police standing near a police post with guns. While I’m with the police was dealt with, made a statement that I attack, arrived by car Parasyuk with a group of people, in the presence of police beat me up, stole my personal belongings, stole my footage. However, he thinks that I stole, and I actually had to change cards in the camera, so the material is preserved. He climbed into a car, stole Iphone 6, stolen cards, stolen recorder, used foul language, threatened with a weapon. Accused me of some kind of impact, which was not. The car is clearly visible.”

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