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There were shots of a rare solar Eclipse. Video

Появились кадры редкого солнечного затмения. ВидеоA rare annular Eclipse of the Sun the inhabitants of the Land observed on February 26.

On 26 February there was a solar Eclipse – the first this year. It was not normal, and annular. But in Ukraine it was impossible to see it, to admire are the people of Argentina, Chile, South-West Angola, South America, Antarctica, West and South Africa. The Eclipse began between 16:00 and reached a peak closer to 17:00.

When the annular Eclipse can be seen as the Moon passes over the solar disk.

Since the satellite of the Earth less than the sun, he can’t hide it completely. In the maximum phase of the Eclipse the Sun closed the Moon, but around it is seen a bright ring uncovered part of the solar disk.

Ukrainians could still see the confrontation between the moon and the Sun thanks to the online broadcast of the Eclipse:

Note, three days before and after a solar Eclipse, astrologers do not recommend to make important decisions and do important financial transactions. Also, do not go on a long journey. The fact is that the Eclipse amplifies the negativity.

The sun “goes out” in the sign of Pisces, so you need to be on the same wavelength: allow yourself to slip away from reality. For example, you can go to a movie, read a fantasy novel, listen to spiritual music, to paint.

The Sun will certainly affect the people. Especially strongly under the influence of this phenomenon will be Pisces and Virgo, born in the period from 22 February to 3 March and from August 26 to September 5, Gemini and Sagittarians.

The solar Eclipse will have a significant negative impact, as in astrology, such annular Eclipse of the devil. During such events people feel the urge to coups, whipping up difficult situations, the overthrow of the government.

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