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There was an unexpected hypothesis about where Atlantis

Появилась неожиданная гипотеза о том, где АтлантидаScientists have long debated where it might be Atlantis.

There were various assumptions.

There is a new hypothesis that the mythical city has remained virtually untouched and located underneath the strata of ice in Antarctica, According to the most recent statements of scientists, Antarctica hides under many kilometers of ice covered with sections of a huge city.

Ice mass with an area of more than 14 million km has long been a source of various mysteries. This continent, people found the latest. However, its low temperatures and barren landscapes nullified any attempts of colonization, therefore, for many years, Antarctica remains virtually untouched.

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However, scientists have advanced the theory of the displacement of the earth’s crust. She says that thousands of years ago, the ice tundra may have been inhabited by a mysterious ancient civilization.American expert Professor Charles Hapgood published in 1950-ies of the article, where it says that movement in the earth’s crust indicate that only 11 600 years ago, much of Antarctica was completely ice-free.

According to him, the testimony to this is 500 year old world map compiled by Ottoman Admiral Piri Reis. A number of scientists who have researched this card, said that it clearly shows the West coast of Africa, East coast South America and the Northern coast of Antarctica not covered with ice. Some experts believe that Hapgood right, he located the lost city of Atlantis. The mythical city was first mentioned in the writings of ancient Greek philosopher Plato in the year 360 BC. Atlantis, which was described by Plato, founded the demigods about 9000 years before his time.

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