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There was an unexpected footage of the Villa of the ex-wife of Putin in France

Появились неожиданные кадры виллы экс-супруги Путина во ФранцииThe Villa is located near the town of Anglet on the Atlantic coast of France.

The ex-wife of Vladimir Putin, Lyudmila together with her new husband Arthur Ocheretnaja purchased a Villa near the town of Anglet on the Atlantic coast of France.

The property was acquired in 2016 in Uptown Chiberta.

The new owners failed to remain in the shadows – French law obliges to disclose the name of the owner on the original building permit, which should be hanging on the fence of any construction.

First Arthur Ocheretnaya did not want to “Shine”. But after bailiffs issued him a warning, and the name of the owner still had to enter.

In neighboring Anglet Biarritz Ocheretnaja family began to regularly meet last summer.

“To appear in public in Russia, former first lady does not like, and therefore chose not the most popular among Russian tourists resort. Here, if you meet someone, the more likely people closer to their circle than onlookers. But not only the remoteness from prying eyes played a role in the choice of a place”, – noted journalists.

As says real estate agent Bruno Aspiazu, Lyudmila Putina visited in Biarritz together with her first husband, then the President of Russia.

“Used to go a funny story related to the family of Mr. Putin. When President Yeltsin decided to transfer power to Vladimir Putin at that time, Putin was on vacation on the Basque coast, he often came here with his wife and children. The area, he especially appreciated. It is believed that Putin was here, when Yeltsin called to offer him a high position which is known,” says Aspiazu.

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Villas for sale Ocheretnaja cost 5.5 million euros. As much again will be spent on repairs and decoration. By local standards it is not so much on the coast there are villas and 20 million. Neighbors Ocheretnaya, among which there are famous people to discuss a Russian couple doesn’t want it so is not accepted.

Without a camera, the journalists were able to meet with a local resident. She remembers how in July last year to watch the house came personally to Lyudmila Putin’s daughter Katerina is surrounded by several guards.

“Knowing who is behind the scene, unknown fences scribbled curses in Russian”, – said the neighbor.

“Before, the owner of the house was the lawyer, who had their own room, where he received his clients. Among them were many foreigners, particularly from Spain. He lived there for about 20 years, and after his death his widow decided to sell the Villa,” says real estate agent Bruno Aspiazu.

Estimated Ocheretnaja daughter – Katerina Tikhonov, world champion in acrobatic rock-n-roll and head of innovation center, MSU. Excursions to the coast of Biarritz for mom, she conducted an ulterior motive – her husband, billionaire Cyril Shamalova, in Biarritz, Villa belongs to the “Altamira” – the same mansion, which previously wrote to the media. According to the records of the inventory of property, before the house owned by Putin’s old friend Gennady Timchenko. In 2007, Timchenko along with his wife registered a real estate company Atlantic, which was assigned to the mansion. Then the firm three years ago and resold the Villa Shamalova.

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“Not many agents involved in a prestigious real estate that implies a certain privacy. I knew the person who carried out the transaction of the Villa. I learned immediately, because, after all, it was necessary to keep the secrecy of the transaction – I learned that the buyer was the family of Mr. Putin, wants to buy a house,” says Aspiazu.

Neighbors say that the house are often light, from time to time the gardeners come and occasionally you can see the tinted cars coming from the garage. 300 square meters of living space, two large living room for entertaining, a pool with views of the beach, where people come to surfing from around the world. According to the latest estimates, the Villa “Altamira” after work is worth about 4 million euros.

And Lyudmila Putin, and Katerina Tikhonov in Biarritz see not often. But sometimes they still come on the Atlantic coast. And, as they say, even strolling through a local market. Generally in Biarritz, Anglet, Bayonne wealthy French people like to spend their old age playing Golf and enjoying the sunset. Repair a new home promise to finish by June, and possibly Lyudmila Ocheretnaya this summer will arrive in Biarritz in their own house, not a Villa daughter.

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