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“There is not a minute to lose”. Putin repeated this phrase 14 times in 20 years

"Нет ни минуты на раскачку". Путин повторил эту фразу 14-й раз за 20 лет

President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with members of the government said that the new Cabinet not a single minute to lose. This phrase is the head of state said at least the 14th time in the last 20 years, and she’s turned into a meme.

“I believe that the current composition of the government does not have a single minute to lose, we just don’t have any right to it, you can’t hide behind the fact that someone doesn’t know something. Everyone knows everything, everybody, think, work, and all the material”, – said Putin.

Russian service Bi-bi-si has counted how many times the President talked about the acute shortage of time to lose in his public statements from 2000 onwards.


Speech at the meeting of the State Commission on preparation for celebrating 1000-anniversary of Kazan: To lose time is not enough. If we are facing enormous challenges, and they are, and are in time a little bit.”


The conversation with the journalists after the meeting concerning liquidation of consequences of floods in Yakutia: “only Need to without delay start working. I really hope that it will be so”.


Speech at the VI International investment forum: “I very much hope that the new government under the leadership of the new Prime Minister will continue the same line, even do not doubt, – and without any delay today“.

Speech at the Congress of the party “United Russia”: “I would Like that deputies, including those elected for the first time, as quickly as possible, without delay, joined in the work“.


Meeting with members of the government: “I very much hope that all with the understanding that this initial step is finished, the full force is deployed all their capabilities – intellectual, organizational, administrative – and without any further buildup will begin to work together on the implementation of the tasks facing us and the plans that we are together formulated”.


Meeting with the leaders of the parties, held after the elections to the state Duma: “I ask you without delay, immediately, to this work be included from the very beginning to establish close meaningful, constructive engagement with the government of the Russian Federation”.

A meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects: “I Note that all measures in these areas should only be applied in nature and make them need as quickly as possible, without the so-called buildup“.


Meeting on elimination of consequences of floods and fires: “In any case we must act without delay and delayso that people had the opportunity as soon as possible to move to a new home”.


The meeting of the state Council on development of competition: “And once again I want to appeal to everyone: time to delay we have!

Speech at the inauguration: “Life is constantly presenting us with new challenges, new challenging tasks, and on their decision we still have to work hard. Time to lose there“.

Speech at the plenary session of the state Duma: “said Yesterday and I repeat today: time to lose we have noneed to act.”

A direct line to the President: “Personal responsibility must be absolute. We have no time to lose, as I have already said.”


The message to the Federal Assembly: “the Time pressed, I have said so many times, that’s all you know. Its stock, stock time to lose, for further tapped and link, just no.”

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