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“There is no need in pain to give birth to a second Moscow”

«Незачем в муках рожать вторую Москву»

“There is no need in pain to give birth to a second Moscow”

Any Imperial ambitions in modern Russia is pointless, I am sure the Deputy Vladimir Petrov.

“Rosbalt” continues the discussion on the development opportunities of the Northern capital. Why the consciousness of the people and leadership of Russia remains Imperial, does the ideology of the “free” cities to Russian realities and what is required for the special status of metropolis, in an interview said the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Leningrad region, “the most famous regional Parliament of Russia” Vladimir Petrov.

31 may was the start of the election campaign in the city on the Neva. In fact, it is a long time, but it is ambiguous. In particular, due to the lack of actual content. Remark of the Vice-Governor Lyubov Sovershayeva that Petersburg was built as the capital of our Imperial ambitions should be satisfied, was almost the only about the future of the city. Imperial vector of development are still relevant for the Northern capital? Or, if we look back in history, today it would be better to rely on the experience of “free” cities?

— Essentially do say little, and the level of rhetoric — little. Snow, dust, kindergartens, “travokury” in the legislative Assembly — it is certainly very exciting, but to the development of St. Petersburg has no relation. The town is really special, and somewhat abandoned. I am far from talking about “periferies” of St. Petersburg, but the city’s potential is not yet realized. The debate, however, on this issue.

But nature abhors a vacuum, and appear grotesque comparison and exaggeration as a tool of rhetoric. Westnet, peripheral position, Empire, free city In terms of headnote and periferies we still have something to strive for, and the “Empire” or “free city” in the classic terminology — are not the subject of discussion, in my opinion, as utopian in our reality in essence.

Even on the ideological level?

We live in the legal field — or pretend. Within the framework of existing laws, both forms are not applicable. From a scientific point of view, the Empire is about the past. The Emperor in the modern world one in Japan. Moreover, the problem is that the government, led by them, not an Empire.

Empire in the classic definition of monarchic power based on the military caste. Or colonial. Or significant in the international arena. Power, ideology, uniting different peoples and territories into a single state. What applies to us, and not to St. Petersburg, and to Russia in General?

If you rely on allegory, all applicable. If the legislation — not so much. Yes, Russia is important in the international arena power with a strong army and centralized government, at the time, actively perestavaya territories and bringing together different peoples into a single state. With a thick hint of ideology, because jingoism and watercloset are the ideological basis of the country — such as “faith and crown”. Here we go-Aryan — “Empire does not need the friends and the enemies, the only way it becomes necessary.”

But that’s all. To sum up, then to St. Petersburg all of the above has no relation at all, only as part of the Empire and former official capital. So now the term “Imperial” is perceived as a retro-anachronism and the topic is not open, although the meaning is understandable. So it is better to move in the plane of the increments territories and the historical role of the city, which was indeed created as the capital of the Empire, which Russia at that time was. Now it is appropriate to talk about the scale of semantic and spiritual — scientific, military, logistic and cultural center of a strong state.

— Well, “free” city?

— The ideology of “free” city was not applicable to Russia at all. The term came to us from Germany during the fragmentation and resistance to the authority of Rome. Against whom are we to resist, and whose power to deny?

Danzig, Cologne and Krakow at the time were free municipalities. But the scale of modern Petersburg is clearly more than these cities. Moreover, in history there is no example, as the former capital of a superpower turned into a cultural and economic autonomy. Even during the separation of Germany in West Berlin did not become fully free city, as proposed by Nikita Khrushchev.

In addition, in today’s world of astronomical works policy the principle of gravity — the big attracts small. If Petersburg receives autonomy, fully independent he can not be. Either he will remain in the orbit of Moscow — and then why this dancing with liberty? Either it is on the rails of the Baltic States, takes a course to the office and breaks ties with “big Russia.” To discuss what no one in this scenario have nothing to gain, is meaningless, because it is impossible.

— You touched upon ideology. Let us discuss this point in more detail and from the point of view of the Empire and the free city, and in General in the context of St. Petersburg.

— About the ideology at all a separate issue. At the level of Russia we have absolutely Imperial ideology and the same way of thinking. And the Northern capital at the global level as well. Despite all of today’s liberalism and humanitarian veganism, Petersburg choking when verbalization of the idea about the “surrender” of the city to the Nazis when such a discussion a few years ago, was initiated as a survey on one channel.

If the consciousness of the leadership and citizens of the country would not be Imperial, would not be standing on the Horde base system accessories of life of the citizen to the state, and it would be a projection or a curve of the European “free” cities, on which day the city would be given to the Germans?What is the overall identity of citizens of St. Petersburg? Imperial or not? Remember how many St. Petersburg citizens voted for Putin a year ago?

— “Recess” is already a free city in principle…

Format free cities arose in Protestant Europe at the dawn of the middle Ages and the beginning of a New time. This formation of social order organically rests on the ideas of early Lutheranism. It is generally a completely separate story, well described by Weber in his book “the Protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism.”

— Here there is just not about tactical decisions, but about mission and vision, very successfully imposed on the economy…

Yes, that’s right. To get to heaven, you must earn a lot and spend little, to live a fairly ascetic lifestyle. It is this philosophy led to the industrial revolution in Europe.

This applies to us somehow from the point of view of ideology, first and laws second? We build three temples in a day — that’s the whole ideology. You, by the way, remember that in the Middle ages “free” called the city, freed from the power of the bishops and archbishops? If recently we rejoiced in the restoration of churches, and now we see the Church has not only spiritual and social, but also quite radical Institute of socio-political sense, with a strong economic base, which while not about the economy in General. Continue going?

The ideological content been looking for. Nothing better than the formula of count Sergei Uvarov, “Orthodoxy, autocracy, nationality” — is not found. In Soviet times, the monarchy was replaced by communism. Now we are also in the paradigm of a kind of absolutism of post-Byzantine or the Horde persuasion. We are inert, paternally, dedicated and always in search of absolute justice, which will never find.

Even the Communist revolution, hostile to any state, over a matter of years became the ideology of a besieged fortress, and a strong vertical of power based on state violence. Tell me, well, that’s where we are here to take the free cities? Where in the Orthodox mystical consciousness arises the idea of liberty? We are a country of paradoxical thinking. Outside — we always Empire.

A lot of Russian or, for example, the British migrant workers working? Colonizers, educators, political refugees, the downshifters or playboy — Yes. Migrant workers — no. Even the last drunkard has in the subcortex of the Imperial consciousness in contrast to the inhabitants of the colonies (former Soviet countries) to go to work for a year, leaving his family, not ready.

But inside the “liberties” in the us a little. Elder Philotheus even before Uvarov, put forward the ideology of the “Third Rome”. The entire political tradition of Russia initially hostile Western Anglo-Saxon Protestant manner. We have inherited from ancient Byzantium not only the public symbols, but the style of public administration. “The fight of bulldogs under the carpet” is the words of Churchill on the policy of Russia, which is hardly thought about the Genesis of this phenomenon. Power in Russia is always endowed with sacredness and not with transparency.

Not going to deceive anyone, that we the same Europe as, say, the Netherlands. We are a mix of the Golden Horde, Byzantium and the Slavic sloppiness multiplied by a penchant for the ontological search of universal justice from ocean to ocean. We can launch spacecraft to Jupiter and back, but with great difficulty able to force myself not to throw cigarette butts by urns. Under Byzantine influence, we were the slaves of a foreign faith under the Western European have become the slaves of someone else’s thoughts. A thought without morals is folly, morality without thought is fanaticism.

— What particular mentality of Petersburgers? Is he or not, in your opinion?

— If about “free” the city as form of government with the separation and sovereignty, then no, of course. Where in collectivist expansionist mind can take the thoughts about the conscious self-abasement to the size of the city-state? In St. Petersburg you can find more supporters of conquest, or return to the Empire, say, Finland, than dull Eurointegration.

— And if you take the elements from the Empire? That is to take only the ideology and mindset…

— Then Petersburg “free” city, of course. The cradle of revolutions and so on. Again, we outside, most of them live absolutely Imperial mindset. But at the level of the country and the former capital of the former Empire starts Libertines.

Petersburg is a city designed and created by the Emperor-Westerner, built by Europeans and in the spirit of the enlightenment. It is not only “a window to Europe”. This “window of Europe”, the source of all European culture in Russia. Because we are always for their country or for their Empire, part of which we were there.

But in our city we want freedom. The ideology of “faith and crown” in its current form — is not an ideology Petersburg, and she will not. At the country level we can digest it, but here for themselves and demand special status. And here it is not about separatism, but about Westernizing, blood if you want a free-thinking within the Imperial family Penates.

— Well, we come to the point. We want from the Empire’s special status, and the status of the living, the echo of “Metropolitan”. And not just anyhow, and the great Empire — as when Petersburg was its center. At the same time, being West to the bone, we want more freedom. Align please everyone at some application of the concept. Is that even possible?

Any socio-political changes in time of peace, must be aimed at improving the quality of life of people. It is growing thanks to the economy, which, like the market, its own laws. Point.

For a special status or require one global project or projects should be several. And they can’t be tactics, they should live in some sort of mission. As soon as there is a mission or a marketing strategy, identify the projects or their circle. And here the turn of the economy, which should be more free.

The mission in St. Petersburg. We’re still delusional and confused in adjectives of the capital. First was the capital, then the cradle of the revolution, then the Northern capital, Cultural, Crime (and even there was a special charm), scientific and so on. Now what?

Already not cultural, not a restaurant, not scientific, not educational. Let’s not kid ourselves. You need to be honest to yourself and no nothing today, not the capital. Other cities a piece of something to bite off, and Moscow — on all fronts.

You can, of course, the return of private capital functions — thought to place in the Tauride Palace and get in the appendage additional hundred years of Imperial history. But it is a tactic of persuasion rather. The Duma, however, no one in Petersburg will carry, and the capital it will not be. Parliamentary including. Therefore, before looking for St Petersburg way, you need to find the mission. To answer positively to the question “does fluently Petersburg greatagain” only if interim say “ihaveadream’s”. And “dream” is not about the ties.

— So after all I Petersburg is a return of the capital status?

Petersburg, you must return a special status. And capital not necessary. Moreover, we capital or “capital” do not want to be. And Moscow do not want to be. There is no need in pain and failed to give birth to a second Moscow — already late, have not catch up with, and why. Are you Dubai, Madrid, Mumbai, Istanbul and new York from the fact that they are not capital? No, of course. Again, it is a question of mission. The understanding of the mission and there is always the path of development, the essence of which is the economy.

And how do you return a special status? That Petersburg need? “Silicon valley” or the cemetery state-owned corporations? Hipsters or officials? Large capital or start-UPS?

Petersburg — a truly comfortable city to live in, which solved quite a lot of domestic and social problems. The city is absolutely comfortable. You can live without the special status, it just all there. But it does not work — history, Empire, the freemen take their toll.

Plus let’s not forget about the special status of the city for the top management of our country. You can certainly translate a couple of corporations here, but systematically the question of the development of the city will not solve it. Ihaveadream’s. Why is St. Petersburg not to be an Empire of the mind, spirit, and freedom? With his “silicon valley”, which requires no crazy investments in another SKOLKOVO — a city and so features the work of hipsters, programmers and other eggheads in the best sense of the word. Here is the Empire of the mind. Artificial including.

Or Petersburg as a special tourism zone since we love the word “zone”. With a special visa regime, with a gambling area. In the end, why not — after all, the residents of Las Vegas and Makaon suffer. The incentive legislation for business, somehow involved in the tourism sector. With the creation of a barrier-free business environment. Here’s Empire of liberty, economic in the first place.

Or Petersburg, with a special approach to the development of culture and art. You can pay for the renovation of the old port and Konyushennaya street, and to make artproekta, galleries, museums, theatres, bookstores cafes and shops of hand-made. To distribute housing small theaters, artists, support new forms of art, installations, street art in all its forms. Open, in the end, in St. Petersburg, into a single large space branches all the key museums in the world. And here’s the Empire of the spirit.

This has tightened trillion, investments, Federal funds, VSD, many metro stations and even the Arctic. Us from free city need to take the love of freedom, intelligence, creativity, thoughts, the economy. And implement it in the former capital of the Empire. The rest of the people and the laws of the market make themselves. It is not necessary to spread, you need to set realistic goals. For example, the maximum number of happy people in our city. Recall Remark: the most wonderful city is one where people are happy.

— Kurt Cobain once said: “I like to infiltrate the mechanics of the system, posing as one of them, then slowly start to degrade within the Empire”. I think it’s about you.

Looks like. But Kurt Cobain had a tragic end.

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