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There is coming a new version of “Critters” and “Clowns-murderers from space”?

Looks like cable channel SyFy has decided to take up kilometrov the recent past. In March of the following year waiting for the premiere of the film “Leprechaun returns”, the effect of which will unfold 25 years after the events of the original “Leprechaun” in 1993 (the same, with a young Jennifer aniston). But that’s not all. The screens can come back some villains from the 80’s.

The guys from SyFy has eyes for “Critters” (Critters) and “Clowns-murderers from space” (Killer Klowns from Outer Space). Both have extraterrestrial origin, and both can kill, both are remembered by the audience. Perhaps really time to dust off these characters.

In any case, recall the synopses of the original tapes:

They come out of growth, but the ferocity of them can match any earthly creature — it critters! Shaggy ruthless creature with terrifying jaws came from outer space to destroy human civilization. And they began with the usual rural farm in Kansas, where eats everything that comes their tooth (including people). Well, in space there are still brave heroes who come to the aid of the frightened locals. Only United efforts and smart strategy will help defeat the voracious alien animals.A couple in love notes in the sky flying object, the trajectory of the fall which clearly points to the nearby forest. Wanting to look at the fallen meteorite, the couple goes to the alleged crash site and finds a circus tent, which to us on Earth came the clowns-murderers from space! Their goal — to prepare as many earthlings as… provisions.

No details yet. SyFy is exploring the issue of rights, the priority is kind of like the movie, but that’s where I expect (sequels? remakes?), not reported. Even after all the series of sabastiyah the plans were. Let’s see what will come of all this.

What do you think, do I need subestimam and space clowns this update? Missed this fellow?

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