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There are no other children (PHOTOCOMICS)

On social networks the footage of this original prenatal photo shoot have already fled, having received the informal name “loves children”. But, as a rule, walk only a few photos, while the total of as many as twenty-two pieces and they represent a real photocomics. In addition, savvy public Vkontakte in no hurry to tell anything about the authors of this photochemical and leave links to the sources. But I wonder the same, right?

And at this moment help you in this memory 🙂

So, who thinks up this stuff? A guy named Todd Cameron (Cameron Todd) from Canada. Once he’s on sale caught the figure of the “alien embryo”. Wife to Todd, Nicole, and her husband, a big fan of Halloween. Todd says:

We even first met at a Halloween party. We always do elaborate costumes and try to decorate the house for the holiday. It’s a fun way to Express yourself, and the process is very cool.

Together they took care of props for photography, a shoot called my friend and professional photographer Lee Carter (Carter, Li).

And that’s what they did:

Cm. also: Frightening photocomics 1920-ies

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