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There are details about the caste of “Victor Crowley”

The other day all of a sudden the premiere of the new film series “Hatchet”, which received the name “Victor Crowley” (Victor Crowley)! No one even had no idea that this movie is removed! Moreover, we still know about it as much. But some information about the cast is already leaking.

It is clear that Kane Hodder plays the role of a monstrous villain, for who if not him? On the return of parry Shen we also reported.

But what about other stars? Still, the series is known for the fact that it was at different times attended by such icons of the genre like Robert Englund, Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, R. A., Mihailoff Zack Galligan, Caroline Williams, Derek Mears, Tom Holland (not the one spider, and one that the Director of “the Langoliers”), and many others.

Well, so far the most interesting addition caste became Tiffany Shepis, “Queen Creek” category B, known for such films as “the Toxic avenger 4: Citizen toxie” and “night of the demons” in 2009.

In addition, we will meet with the Felisa rose, the same Angela from the cult horror film “sleepaway camp” 1983.

Actress Laura Ortiz, appeared in “Hatchet 2”, but not mentioned in the credits, and is in the fourth episode of the franchise.

Is composed and professional comedians: Dave Sheridan (scary movie) and Brian Quinn (“Impossible jokers”).

What roles will these children is still a secret. But overall synopsis known to us:

In 2007, nine people were literally torn to pieces in the swamps of Louisiana. Over the last ten years the only survivors, Andrew young kept saying, as if the massacre perpetrated horrible Victor Crowley from local legends, but the guy no one believed. And now the fate of Andrew returns to the scene of the tragedy to push nose-to-nose with the bloodthirsty Ghost from the past.

Before showing the paintings in a Los Angeles Director and writer Adam green asked the audience to refrain from spoilers, and it looks like those keep their word. The film is called much more balanced in terms of humor and blood than “Axe 3” (the only part not supplied by Greene), and in General, probably the best in the series. Say that to guess who will survive is not so easy. Well, of course, promises many original methods of mutilation and slaughter!

So, next stop “Victor Crowley” — FrightFest in London on August 26 and in October will be a tour of selected cinemas.

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