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Therapists suggested how to protect yourself from colds in the offseason

Терапевты подсказали, как уберечься от простуды в межсезоньеIt turns out that every person can protect themselves during the off-season and avoid.

As we know, in order for the person is not sick, it is necessary to have a strong immune system. To help achieve this proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in General. If the deficiency still overcome, without the help of a competent therapist can not do. Your doctor may recommend vitamin complexes, effectively strengthen the immune system and improve wellbeing.

There are five additional ways in which you will forget about the risk of catching a cold in the off-season when the weather is too changeable: - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

1. Dress for the weather. This is the main rule that you need to perform if you don’t want to spend a wonderful warm days in bed with a fever and runny nose. Doctors advise to put on so that if the lowest anticipated temperature you will not be cold. For example, if the forecast States that the morning temperature will fluctuate around the 2-5°C Celsius during the day in the range 10-14°C with + mark, and in the evening and at night it can drop to -2°C, choose the clothes should be on the basis that the street will be -2°C. Especially if you late in the evening back home, and get out of the house early in the morning. In the case where the person does not work and is outdoors at a certain time, then it is necessary to put the indicator on the thermometer, which is marked immediately before the exit.

2. To normalize night’s sleep. People should sleep at night not less than 7 hours. If you sleep less or more, your body will sooner or later fail, and in the off-season is the first step on the way to cold.

3. Lean on fresh food. The best vitamins are contained in fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs and so on, and not pharmaceutical drugs. You have the opportunity to strengthen our own immune system without swallowing packs a vitamin capsule.

4. Ventilate the room more often to get some fresh air during the day. We all know that heat is the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses, so it is important not to allow them to spread in the room where you are most of the time. Plus, a fresh batch of oxygen has a positive effect on mood, health, blood circulation, etc.

5. To move more. Scientists have already proven that athletes and physically active people have a lower risk of catching a cold or other illness typical of the off-season. Therefore doctors strongly recommend to double physical activity by any means, for example, to walk more, to carry out wet cleaning of the house every day instead of the Elevator to climb the stairs and so on.

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