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Therapists suggested how to harden in the winter

Терапевты подсказали, как правильно закаляться зимой Now everyone to toughen up and become owners of a strong immune system can seek advice from experts in this matter.

Hardening is not a short term process. In order to become a truly hardened man will have to spend more than one month. Must develop a habit that will soon please the its use.

Few people dare to harden, to improve their health. Only the strong in spirit is able to tune into the pouring ice water, rubbing with snow, and so on. To harden only three months of the year incorrectly, so that hardening becomes your good habit, you will have all year round to fight with yourself, but it’s worth it, believe me.

Specialists gave some advice to those people who decided that the current winter is the time for hardening:

1. Morally and theoretically, to prepare for the tempering. People must know and be aware of all possible nuances, forget about the prejudices of society and not to listen to the excuses of others.

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2. Each new stage of hardening should be prepared for several days, and only then proceed to the next.

3. In the room where the person spends most of the time, should be not as hot as before. First, often try to ventilate the room, and then you will have to get used to the temperature in the room or office from 22-24 degrees Celsius. Only a decrease in temperature should be gradual.

4. Water in the morning shower should become colder every day by 1 degree. So it will be easier to get used to the cold water.

5. Remove unnecessary things. The vast majority of people are accustomed to the fact that you have to wear three Gamache and sweaters before going outside. Thus on top of all the clothes wearing still some jacket. Doctors claim that abruptly “undress” it is impossible, therefore, gradually deprive yourself of one thing. Over time you will notice that the less clothes, the warmer you are.

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6. Never dive into the hole with ice cold water unprepared, and not warmed up. The levels of training mentioned above, but to warm up is to do small exercises, to run, to jump, to poprisedat and so on.

7. First RUB with snow or water in the hole hand, then chest and legs, and then for 5-10 seconds jump in the water, but without a head.

8. After hardening you should always wipe dry my entire body and change into dry and warm clothes.

9. Smokers and alcoholics makes no sense to harden. Moreover, for these two categories of people hardening can carry a mortal danger.

10. Bring your friends or loved ones. If you decide to begin to harden and the hardening levels the home had already passed, and you are mentally, physically ready, go to the hole, but not alone. Anything could happen, so it is better if you’re with someone else.

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