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Therapists suggest to — to lay to the berries in late autumn

Терапевты советуют подналечь на эту ягоду в конце осени Now you will know why you should still eat a mountain ash red often.

Rowan can easily be called a storehouse of vitamins and useful properties. This berry ripening by the end of autumn, has such a set of qualities that not all pharmaceutical drugs are able to compete with her. A huge plus Rowan is that she’s affordable, and it can grow in your backyard if you live in a private home.

Consider the unique properties of red ash in more detail:

1. Antiviral. With ash, you can easily and easily improve your immunity. The fact is that this bright orange berry holds a sufficient amount of vitamin C.

2. Antibacterial, disinfectant. The broth with ash will help you to get well and to say goodbye to seasonal diseases like: flu, cold, SARS and others. It is enough just to cook something like a compote, adding an ode to not only the sugar and Rowan berries, but also chopped apples and a few slices of lemon. Then make it warm every two hours for half a Cup. The patient will quickly fall down the temperature and he’ll feel better, but Rowan has diaphoretic and diuretic properties, so be sure to drink plenty of plain water.

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3. Lowers blood pressure. Hypertensive patients can forget about their illness, if you begin daily use of herbal teas with Rowan. Do not get carried away and drink a gallon ashberry infusions you are not forced, but as prevention of high blood pressure at 150-200 ml a day does not hurt anyone.

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4. Cleanses the digestive system and liver from toxins and toxic substances due to the laxative properties. If you know that your body needs a mild cleaning, then a few days in a row lean on Rowan.

5. Provides prevention of atherosclerosis, because it effectively cleans the vessels from cholesterol cells and even platelets.

6. Relieves the symptoms of tuberculosis. Doctors recommended to drink the infusion of Rowan berries with tuberculosis, to relieve the cough.

7. Spicy eliminates such problems as hemorrhoids and constipation. Again, all because of laxative properties of the ash, which can easily speed up the metabolism, which in result improves the digestive system and intestines, so constipation recede into the background.

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