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Therapists explained how to quickly cure a sore throat

Терапевты объяснили, как быстро вылечить боли в горлеSore throat is a very common symptom.

The cause can be factors such as viral infections (colds, flu), dryness or air pollution, allergic diseases, active or passive Smoking. In addition, the cause of pharyngitis (sore throat) can be a bacterial streptococcal infection. According to the Center for control and prevention of diseases (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), USA, this disease becomes the cause of sore throat in children in 20-30% of cases and in adults in 5-15% of cases.

Generally a sore throat lasts 3-4 days. Often it is accompanied by symptoms such as irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat, difficulty swallowing, inflammation and swelling of glands in the neck and lower jaw, as well as sneezing, coughing, runny nose and high body temperature. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The severity and duration of pain in the throat can be reduced by using some simple tools at home. To restore the health of the throat, the important factors are: sufficient rest, a healthy diet and drinking large amounts of fluid.

One of the simplest means of reducing the severity of sore throat is to gargle it with warm salt water. The excess salt in the solution for rinsing may worsen the condition of the mucous membrane of the throat. In addition, it is important to avoid ingestion of salt. Pharyngitis in saline solution for rinsing, you can add a little Apple cider vinegar, which is a threat to the microorganisms, scientists say.

Warm drinks with honey and lemon can also be useful for reducing the severity of sore throat, also to this end, in the drink add the sage and turmeric. To prepare a therapeutic drink, very simple: a tablespoon of sage or chamomile pour boiling water, cover and let stand about half an hour. After that, the tea can be drunk with the addition of lemon slices.

The inclusion in the diet of soups also positively affects the health of the throat.

Another simple but effective remedy is milk with honey. To treat a sore throat with this tasty and healthy drink should be three times a day. For this a teaspoon of honey should be diluted in a glass of warm milk and drink warm small SIPS.

The use of large volumes of warm fluids from the herbs will help to reduce the sensitivity of the throat, increases the body’s resistance to pathogenic organisms.

There is a belief that a sore throat it is useful to eat garlic. As you know, it contains allicin — a natural compound that contribute to destruction of viruses, bacteria and fungi. Allicin is activated by chewing or crushing garlic, but collapses under the influence of high temperature.

Maintain abundant moisture of the mucous membrane of the throat will help the absorption of candy, and caramels, but this tool should not be used for sore throat in children at a younger age. According to scientists, fruit ice cream is another product that can be used to reduce the severity of this symptom (by the action of cold on the irritated areas of the mucosa), but coffee and alcoholic drinks should be avoided as they contribute to dehydration.

Experts advise to seek professional medical help in such cases: the sore throat lasts more than 1 week, difficult swallowing or breathing, body temperature rose above 38 °C, skin rashes, marked joint pain, saliva, and mucus contain blood.

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