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Therapists debunked ten myths about the common cold

Терапевты развенчали десять мифов о насморке Doctors have shared valuable information regarding rhinitis and its impact on human health.

A runny nose is one of the first signs of allergies, colds, flu and viral infections, but many patients do not turn on the symptom and trying to treat it.

Doctors do not agree with many statements about the cold, so they decided to refute all the myths and tell the truth:

1. The common cold is not dangerous. Actually launched rhinitis causes sinusitis, otitis, and other more serious illness than SARS.

2. Rhinitis appears only to those who perished the day before. In fact, hypothermia can cause the common cold, but in most cases is a virus, not low temperatures.

3. To fix a runny nose, you need to drink products-adjuvants. In any case, you can’t do that. The thing is that a cold is the immune system’s response to the virus, therefore, additional stimulation of immunity is not needed.

4. Green nasal discharge is a sign of a viral infection. Often it is so, but there are times when the color of mucus indicates that the immune system copes with its task and outputs from the respiratory tract.

5. Frequent blowing your nose – the way to quickly eliminate a cold. Often it is impossible to blow your nose, because the tension in swollen nose leads to hit of mucus in the ear canal that as a result fraught with complications. Better to focus on removal of edema from the nose.

6. Nose drops can be considered totally harmless. First, vasoconstrictor nose drops cannot be used more than three days. Second, to dig the nose should be tilted back head. Thirdly, the use of spray can lead to the development of otitis media. So drops should be careful.

7. Warming up the nose helps to cure a cold. Doctors do not recommend to warm the nose when cold, especially with the help of the inhaler, as moist environment favorable for bacteria and treatment may be delayed.

8. When rhinitis should bury your nose in the fresh juice of onion or garlic. In this case, you can easily burn the mucous membrane of the nose, which is inflamed.

9. If a person has a runny nose constantly, then he is allergic. Not always so, chronic rhinitis can be a symptom of serious infections of the upper respiratory tract.

10. The older the person, the more he will have to appear cold. Exactly the opposite. In adulthood, the human immune system becomes resistant to many infections, but in childhood and adolescence rhinitis is common.

As we can see, a lot of myths about the common cold debunked doctors, and in those beliefs, many people still believe.

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