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Therapeutic exercises for the back muscles and spine

Лечебная гимнастика для мышц спины и позвоночникаEffective exercises for a perfect posture.

Spine concerns in the modern world there is almost all of us, because many of us constantly slouching and not even notice it. To have a perfectly smooth back, it is important to feel your figure and trying to properly stretch certain parts of the body.

That is why you need to regularly perform special exercises to keep in shape.

Using the proposed set of exercises you’ll get rid of slouching, will find a feminine gait and give ease of movements.

Most of the exercises give an additional load on the spine. If you have/had a back injury or other related diseases (hernia, osteoporosis, scoliosis, sciatica, etc.), before exercising you should consult with your doctor.


To perform these exercises do not need any props, except a rug. But first, do not forget to properly warm up.

Option 1:

– get on your knees;
– sit on your heels;
– align the back and chest;
– on the inhale, stretch the top up;
– on the exhale, slowly bend to the floor, arms stretched forward;
– round your back and place body on your knees, hold this position for a few seconds;
– return to starting position (lifting, start with the lower part of the body: first the back, then middle back, shoulders and head);
– repeat 8-15 times.

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Option 2:

– stay in the initial position (as in the first embodiment);
– increase the amplitude of movement: on the exhale, sink down as much as possible;
– on inhale raise up and stretch back;
– fix the hands on the floor and arch your back;
– repeat 8 times.


I hope you have already felt, as he straightens his shoulders and chest, and breathing became freer. Will not remove the Mat, it’s only the beginning:

– get on your knees, the thighs touch the heels;
– arch your back and hands touch the floor (straight arms);
– lock body in the trough;
– drag the chest up, the head does not throw back;
on the exhale, lift your pelvis upward, increasing the amplitude;
– on the inhale, down on the heel;
– repeat 8-15 times.


Want to be graceful like a cat? The following exercise will help:

– get on all fours;
– take a deep breath and rounded the back;
on the exhale, make a smooth deflection;
– during exercise the head drop down (chin touching the chest) and slowly lift up.
– repeat 8-10 times.


The following exercise is very effective and will help you stretch even the most ossified back. To avoid injury, it must be done very carefully, strictly following the recommendations:

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– lie on stomach, pull legs;
– place hands on the forearm in front of you;
– on the inhale, stretch the top up;
– on the exhale, stretch your arms and stretched, lift your chest and hips off the floor;
– hold this position for a few seconds;
– get down on your stomach;
– stretch your arms and make a “boat”, raising up the straight leg and the housing;
– hold this position for a few seconds;
– repeat 8-15 times, and relax for a few seconds and lie down on my stomach, putting his head in his hands.


Time stretching:

– sit on the floor and extend your legs in front of you;
– stretch your heels forward;
– pull back;
– clasp your hands into the lock and pull your arms up over your head;
– on the exhale maximally stretch forward;
– try not to bend your back, hold this position for a few seconds;
– grab hold of the foot and hold this position for a few seconds;
– relax your muscles and inhale up;
– repeat 8-15 times.

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