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Therapeutic diet number 14: permitted and forbidden foods

Лечебная диета №14: разрешенные и запрещенные продуктыDoctors said, to whom and how to eat for diet number 14.

Dietary table number 14 is usually prescribed to patients with urolithiasis. On this diet should limit the use of leaching and calcium-containing products. The menu should be balanced, nutritious, fortified and calories within a daily intake of 2800 kcal.

A diet number 14 can be called the most humane among all the other treatment diets, because patients with a diagnosis of “urolithiasis” are allowed to eat almost all such serious limitations, as in other diets 1 through 15, no.

Permitted foods:

– bakery products, including fresh;

soup, soup, soup, cooked meat, poultry, fish and so on;

– any meat and all fish varieties;

– porridge;

– bean;

– mushrooms;

– berries and fruit even sour varieties;

– sweets, sugar, pastries, honey, jam.

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Prohibited products:

– milk, milk products and dishes, having in its composition of milk;

– pickles, salty foods, such as fish;

– meats;

– margarine and other types of cooking oils;

– potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers and other vegetables;

– freshly pressed vegetable juices, and fruit and berries.

Doctors recommend begin to adhere to the diet plan as the No. 14 right after the doctor confirms the diagnosis of “kidney stones”. It is advisable to evade the basic rules of the dietary table in order not to aggravate the situation. In medicine were repeatedly recorded cases when due to the healthy diet of patients were able to turn the stones into the sand, leaving the body in a natural way without the involvement of physicians and without resorting to surgical intervention.

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For more effective treatment of this disease, the patient may go to traditional methods, but is still should consult your doctor for advice and ask if it is possible to use one of these methods without harm for health. Self-medicate, under any circumstances, doctors do not recommend to do, because people can cause their health to even greater damage. For example, in urolithiasis delayed treatment or the use of herbal teas can lead to the discharge of stones that are impossible to complete without surgery. So if you want faster and without negative consequences to recover, the first thing contact your doctor and then follow his recommendations.

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