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Therapeutic diet number 11: permitted and prohibited products

Лечебная диета №11: разрешенные и запрещенные продуктыDietary table No. 11 is intended for patients with some types of tuberculosis, as well as in the postoperative period.

Official medicine provides all patients the opportunity to enjoy a special menu in which the products are combined in this way to provide benefits to people and improve it. There are only 15 therapeutic diets, each of them has its own characteristics. This time the experts were told about the rules of the diet plan as the No. 11 and what products are allowed and which are banned.

Who and when is recommended to go on a diet №11?

This diet is prescribed to patients with certain types of tuberculosis:

– tuberculosis of the lungs;

– tuberculosis of the bones;

– tuberculosis of the joints;

– tuberculosis of the lymph nodes.

Usually, this diet should be followed people who have tuberculosis or worsened during treatment, when the body is important to simplify the process of digestion, so the blood was only useful and necessary substances.

Often doctors prescribe a diet №11 patients with infectious diseases. Eat strictly according to the rules of the dietary table in the process of treatment of the disease and after recovery. And in that and in other case, the food will go to the man advantage.

Those who had surgery of any complexity, physicians can also appoint a diet number 11, as it is an excellent choice for patients with fatigue and malaise, which needs to recover and get back to his feet.

Injured under different circumstances people it is useful to sit on this diet. With its help, people faster reabilitarea after the injury and for him to do it will be much easier than if he started to eat as before.

The main characteristics of the diets No. 11, forbidden and permitted foods:

Daily calorie intake: 3000-3200 calories.

The exclusion of fatty meats, fish, soups, cooked in meat or fish.

A ban on confectionery, cream, chocolates, candies and other sweets.

Minimization of consumed bakery products, it is advisable to eat stale bread.

In a priority — vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, poultry, lean fish, vegetarian soups and soups, natural juices, water, milk and milk products, cheese, nuts and dried fruits.

Lean doctors recommend products that contain protein, both vegetable and animal origin. It can be chicken, lean fish, cheese, yogurt, milk, yogurt without additives, legumes and other products. The basis of the diet should be protein it products.

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