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Therapeutic diet No. 9: permitted and forbidden foods

Лечебная диета №9: разрешенные и запрещенные продуктыMeals according to dietary table No. 9 is suitable for diabetics and those who want to reduce blood sugar levels.

Doctors reveal all sorts of reason ways of dealing with a particular disease, because it can help thousands of people who have no opportunities to take pharmaceutical drugs because of lack of funds and other reasons. One of the most simple and reliable methods of prevention, as well as aid in the treatment of various ailments is diet.

Rough diet prescribed by scientists specifically for a certain disease. For example, a therapeutic diet №9 shows those with diabetes or direct heredity, that is, in the future people could easily get sick and for the healing he has no chance.

As we know, diabetes greatly suffers from the pancreas, so one of the main tasks of diet №9 is the care of this gland and maintain its health over the entire life of the diabetic. Also, we all know that elevated blood sugar levels and actually develops diabetes, this diet diet №9 is based on the full ban on sugar and sweets.

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What foods allowed to eat on a diet number 9:

– wheat, rye, and bran bread;

– nesdobnoe pastries;

– vegetarian soups and borsches;

– broth from lean meat and fish;

– lean meat and fish;

– milk and dairy products;

– solid unsalted cheese;

– buckwheat, oatmeal and barley, and millet, and barley cereals;

– all vegetables and fruits, however, it is advisable to eat sweet fruits in limited quantities.

The list of forbidden foods for diabetics can be called advanced:

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– butter baked goods;

– sugar, sweets, pastry, cream, jam and so on;

alcoholic beverages

fatty soups on meat and fish;

– salty cheese, pickles, salted fish;

– meats;

– sausages;

– heavy cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese glaze;

– marinades and sauces;

sweet sodas, juices in Tetra Pak cartons;

– grapes and derived from a product — raisins;

– margarine, lard and other meat, and cooking fats.

Doctors claim that a diet №9 will be useful not only for diabetics, and those who want to lose weight, cleanse your body of extra cholesterol, use this diet in the prevention of diabetes, especially if the family were or are diabetics.

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