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Therapeutic diet No. 8: permitted and prohibited products

Лечебная диета №8: разрешенные и запрещенные продуктыThe doctors shared the rules of the diet №8 and told to whom it is necessary to adhere to.

For people who are obese at any stage, will not prevent to look to diet No. 8. First, it is absolutely safe for health, and secondly, on this diet you can actually lose weight. Diet No. 8 differs from the others in that its main feature is a decrease in daily caloric intake and fats, but the preservation of proteins and carbohydrates that the result would have a beneficial effect on the figure.

Women and men who are overweight, at least once in life tried to get rid of it. Many of these attempts succeeded, but someone couldn’t achieve their goals. But all the same followed the diet. However, almost all choose the Express diet allowing you to lose weight fast. The errors, failure to diet and other problems can all occur in the process of weight loss. But professional nutritionists believe that people with obesity need to follow a special diet No. 8, the only way they can really lose weight and not harm your health.

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It is easier to list allowed foods for those who want to test themselves, sitting on a diet number 8, than to talk about all the forbidden foods that this technique is forbidden for use, because they are much smaller.

Daily caloric food intake should not exceed 1800. If you strictly follow this diet, then after a few weeks on the scales of people will say weight loss.

So, what you can eat:

– lean meat, poultry, fish, and seafood;

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– rye and bran bread;

– milk products, preferably with a low percentage of fat;

fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs.

Nutritionists warn diet №8 the fact that cereals should be avoided in the diet. But if you really want and other products in the house were not available, it is best to choose buckwheat or oatmeal.

These products will have to refuse:

fatty meat, bacon, fish, smoked products;

– fried foods;

– alcohol and sweet drinks, and soda;

sweets, confectionery;

– bakery products;


– semi-finished products;

– canned food and pickles.

Doctors believe that diet number 8 is the best system nutrition for weight loss and it is suitable just for those who can’t cope with obesity.

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